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Don Don Donki Has New Bento With Aburi Japanese Oysters, Limited Stock Daily

7th November 2022

Don Don Donki has a new aburi oyster bento

Don Don Donki can be found all over Singapore these days, with 13 spread across the island, and more on the way. It’s no wonder they’ve been such a massive hit, with their extra-wide selection of affordably priced Japanese produce, and ready-to-eat food. Joining the list of hot food available in stores is the Aburi Terimayo Oyster Bento, though this is reportedly an elusive item to get your hands on.

don don donki - jap oyster bentoImage credit: @gooijourney

Priced at $15.80, this bento is said to be found with the cooked food, though near the sushi section, so it might be cool rather than hot when you purchase it. The price seems a little steep, but each box of rice comes topped with at least 10 plump oysters!

donki - oyster bento openedImage credit: @mehmehfoodventure

What’s more, these oysters are said to be imported from Hiroshima in Japan, a city that’s been known for their oysters since the 16th century, and is today the country’s largest oyster-producing region. With oysters of such quality, Don Don Donki has simply aburi-ed, or torched, them.

Paired with the glaze that’s a blend of teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise, you can look forward to slightly charred flavours, with a touch of creamy savouriness. According to Facebook posts online, these bento boxes have been spotted so far at Don Don Donki in Northpoint City and HarbourFront Centre in very limited quantities.

donki - hotate donImage credit: @theburgerface

Should you not be able to find the Aburi Terimayo Oyster Bento, other oyster options include Steamed Oyster Sushi ($11) for eight pieces, and Aburi Oyster Sushi ($8.80), which comes with six sushi. Another seafood rice box you might get instead is Teriyaki Hotate Don ($9.90), a sub-$10 bento that comes with teriyaki scallops!

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If you can’t get your hands on the oyster bento, consider the Wagyu Kushi skewers instead; these sticks of grilled Wagyu beef went absolutely viral across the Causeway, and can now be found right here in Singapore!

don don donki parfait - cups

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Feature image adapted from @gooijourney and Don Don Donki

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