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Dough Review: Chio Glasshouse Bakery-Cafe With Azuki Mochi Danish And More

22nd August 2023

Dough is a pretty glasshouse bakery and cafe at CHIJMES

dough - flatlay

NGL, I wasn’t expecting much ahead of my visit to Dough, a bakery-cafe at CHIJMES that’s been around for a couple of years—just another cafe, I thought. They’ve been pretty popular, even after all this while, and I must admit that I see why now, too, after my visit there.

dough - entrance

Founded by the same guys who opened Glyph Supply Co at Somerset, and Runes at Lau Pa Sat, you’ll find the same sleek, clean lines here, with an aesthetic that wouldn’t be out of place at a cafe in Seoul. According to their website, their breads, pastries, and even pastas are all made in-house—though we didn’t manage to try the last of these.

Food at Dough

dough - adzuki mochi

The item that first caught my eye at Dough was Adzuki Mochi Danish ($5.50++), with its layers of laminated pastry, dusting of icing sugar, and that shiny glob of mochi peeking out.

dough - adzuki mochi pull

It’s not a mochi-anything without attempting a mochi pull, and this totally delivered on that front—but not before I’d crushed through the crackling, flaky layers of pastry. TBH, I’m not the biggest fan of mochi, unless its texture favours that of warabi mochi, and the version in this pastry checked that box with its soft, gooey finish.

dough - adzuki mochi pastry cross section

Mochi and azuki, AKA red bean, is a match made in heaven. This version was a shoo-in, without the red bean being too sweet, thus allowing its natural earthy flavour to come through. Paired with the buttery, toasted notes of baked pastry, it’s an easy favourite to have at Dough.

dough - pistachio raspberry croissant cube

The oozing BSSM-mochi croissant cube I’d had at Keong Saik Bakery recently was a tough act to follow, but I thought Dough’s Pistachio Raspberry ($6.50++) stood its own pretty well too.

dough - pistachio raspberry croissant cube cross section

There are two kinds of pistachio fillings in this little croissant cube: a pistachio cream, and a stronger, punchier pistachio butter. I actually preferred the latter and wished there was more of it within, and less of the raspberry jam—though I also see how the tart berry notes balance out the more cloying flavour of the nut.

dough - mango basil croissant cube

The Pistachio Raspberry is only one of several croissant cubes on offer; we also spied Mango Basil ($6++), which I thought might be an interesting blend of flavours.

dough - kaffir lime guava raspberry pastry

Another pastry that stood out was the Kaffir Lime Guava Strawberry ($5.50++). It’s not often you see these three fruit combined, but I imagine it would be pretty refreshing, especially with the lumps of real fruit, and sugar pearls to temper the tartness of the jam.

dough - shio kombu mascarpone scone

Moving on to more savoury options, we went for the Shio Kombu Mascarpone Biscuit ($5). This treat looked rather cute with its craggy, glossed finish, and a cap of mascarpone studded with cubes of cheddar, plus sprinkles of shio kombu and chives.

dough - shio kombu mascarpone scone cross section

If you haven’t had it before, shio kombu is a salted kelp which packs a whole lot of umami. You’ll find bits of it throughout the rather dense biscuit; I’d definitely recommend warming this bake up. While I enjoyed the flavour, and how it was pretty moist, I thought it could have been more crumbly and light in texture.

dough - mala sausage croissant

We spied several tables also having the Mala Sausage Croissant ($6.50++), stuffed with a chonky whole sausage, and topped generously with Sichuan pepper dust.

dough - cutting avocado & guacamole toast

What we did have was from the breakfast menu instead—a selection of six toasts, of which we picked Hummus & Guacamole Toast ($10++).

dough - avocado & guacamole toast detail

It arrived at the table looking a properly splendid sight, with the stark contrast in colour of house-made guacamole, piped over with fuschia dragonfruit hummus, then drizzles of honey, crushed pistachio, and little knobs of ricotta.

This tasted as good as it looked, though I did wish they were more generous with the various toppings.

dough - drinks

Signature drinks at Dough include Dirty Matcha ($10++) and Iced White ($9++), topped with a house-made cream cheese foam which adds extra creaminess, plus a touch of savouriness.

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Ambience at Dough

dough - ambience interior

The space at Dough is pretty expansive, with both indoor and al fresco seats. The main indoor dining area is minimalist in design, with a little alcove at the back that offers a slightly more cosy dining experience.

dough - ambience glasshouse

Behind the counter, you’ll find a small number of low marble tables with a long bench that lines the full-length windows of the cafe. These are probably best if you’re just having pastries and drinks; the low tables are not the most comfortable for eating heartier mains.

dough - ambience alfresco

Then, there’s the outdoor dining area: it’s almost like someone’s backyard porch, with cushions, hanging lights, greenery and space that would make a great space for gatherings with kids.

dough - bakery display

Dough is located off the main square inside CHIJMES, a five-minute walk from City Hall MRT Station. It can be a little hard to spot as it’s well hidden by the lush greens which front its outdoor space. You’ll find their bakes in a glass display as you enter, and a window through which you can watch their bakers hard at work.

The verdict

dough - door

I can’t wait to bring my family to try the house-made pasta dishes and more here at Dough. The wide variety of items on the bakery and mains front also gives you another reason to make repeated visits. It was pretty quiet on a weekday morning too, which I’m sure many would appreciate.

In the meantime, check out The Homme Baker in the new Margaret Market for cute cakes made to look like wedges of Swiss cheese. Otherwise, another Korean-inspired bakery-cafe to put on your list is NOWAFTER Cafe at Design Orchard, which has a charcoal garlic bun on the menu!

Address: 30 Victoria Street, #01-30, CHJIMES, Singapore 187996
Opening hours: Tue-Thurs, Sun 8:30am to 6pm, Fri-Sat 8:30am to 9:45pm
Dough is not a halal-certified eatery

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Photos taken by Aldrich Tan.
This was an independent visit by

Dough Review: Chio Bakery-Cafe With Azuki Mochi Danish, Mala Sausage Croissant And More
  • 7.5/10
    Dough Review: Chio Bakery-Cafe With Azuki Mochi Danish, Mala Sausauge Croissant And More - 7.5/10


– Wide selection of house-made pastries and mains
– Pretty cafe with lots of seats

– Hummus & Guacamole Toast could have more toppings

Recommended dishes: Hummus & Guacamole Toast ($10++), Adzuki Mochi Danish ($5.50++), Dirty Matcha ($10++)

Opening hours: Tue-Thurs, Sun 8:30am to 6pm, Fri-Sat 8:30am to 9:45pm

Address: 30 Victoria Street, #01-30, CHJIMES, Singapore 187996

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