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This CBD Bakery Has Chicken Curry Doughnut, Pineapple Ham Naan And More Under $3

5th February 2024

Dozo House has cheap bakes at Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre

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Previously located at Golden Mile Hawker Centre, Dozo House recently found a new home at Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre. During our visit, the lao ban shared with us that her hawker bakery has been in business for about five to six years now! We also saw a crowd of customers getting a bag of their cheap and delicious bakes, so naturally our interest was piqued. 

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My colleague and I dropped by during lunchtime, so the hawker centre was completely occupied by a throng of diners. So we decided to da bao the goods back to the office.

Dozo-House-chicken-curry-dozo (8)

Let’s start the list with our favourite: Chicken Curry Dozo ($2). This reminded us of a kare pan AKA Japanese curry bread as the deep-fried dough was coated in bread crumbs. 

We also appreciated how generous they were with the filling, which comprised egg, shredded chicken, and potato chunks. The curry was on the sweeter side, and we wished they had used a tad more spice in this one. But for $2, their Chicken Curry Dozo was truly worth our dough. 

Dozo-House-red-bean-bun (2)

Their Red Bean ($1.50) was, surprisingly, a close second. I write “surprisingly” as red bean bread is—in my humble opinion—very difficult to master. Here, the red bean paste was layered in the form of swirls, making this treat oh so tasty. Plus, the top layer was lightly brushed with a sweet glaze, which I thought was a nice touch.

Dozo-House-pineapple-ham-naan (7)

The lady boss kindly offered the Pineapple Ham Naan ($2.20) for us to try. This tasted somewhat similar to the pizza bread you’d find from a neighbourhood bakery. You don’t really get the buttery, charred flavour of a naan. While I’m not really for pineapple on pizza, I thought otherwise about this bread as the pineapple chunks here were extra soft and sweet.

Dozo-House-hot-dog-naan (5)

Finally, we tried the Hot Dog Naan ($2), which was fairly similar to the Pineapple Ham Naan. This treat features a flatbread topped with cheese, mayonnaise, and sliced chicken franks!

Dozo-House-storefront (3)

Dozo House is a quick three-minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. Though shutters are open till 4pm, we saw that many of their bakes were already sold out at about 1pm. We encourage you to head down before the lunchtime crowd thickens!

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Address: 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-51, Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre, Singapore 081006
Opening hours: Daily 8am to 4pm
Dozo House is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Daryl Lim.
This was an independent visit by

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