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10 Fast Food Dupes You Can Get At Supermarkets, Including Frozen “McDonald’s” Nuggets And More

28th March 2024

Fast food dupes in Singapore

We, as a nation, looove fast food. It’s convenient, easy on the wallet, and satisfies your hunger in a pinch. But sometimes, even heading out to dabao can be too much of a chore, and ordering delivery can be pricey. For days like that, we’ve sussed out some fast food dupes you can stock in your freezer so you can whip up nuggets, fries, and fried chicken that taste like they came straight out of your favourite fast food chains. 

1. Tyson Chicken Nuggets 

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets dupe

Fast Food Dupes - Tyson Chicken Nuggets

We put seven brands of frozen nuggies to the test, and Tyson Chicken Nuggets ($5.50 for 400g) prevailed as the one that most closely resembles McDonald’s age-old favourite: the Chicken McNugget. While you may not get pieces in the form of McDonald’s familiar bell, ball, boot, and bone shapes, you will find a similar tenderness to the meat, instead of the mushy or even paste-like consistency most frozen nuggets have.

The seasoning of the batter is tasty but not too overpowering, making it ideal to pair with any stray curry sauce packets you have lying around. And most importantly, the skin is thin and crispy, with a distinct separation from the meat instead of clumping together.

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Available at: Major supermarkets, Amazon, RedMart, Harin Mart

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2. FreezePak Frozen Crispy Flamin Nuggets

McDonald’s Spicy McNuggets dupe

Fast Food Dupes - FreezePak Frozen Crispy Flamin Nuggets
Image credit:

McDonald’s Spicy McNuggets should totes be a permanent menu item, just saying. When you’re battling those intense cravings during the off-season, grab a packet of FreezePak’s Frozen Crispy Flamin Nuggets ($9 for 800g) instead. The OG McD’s spicy nuggets are speckled with chilli flecks and green herbs in the batter, but FreezePak’s version doesn’t have that. Instead, it is quite uniform with an orange-tinged coating throughout—an indication of how flaming it is.

Appearance aside, the taste and texture are fairly reminiscent of Spicy McNuggets. You’ve got the crunchy skin, bouncy meat, and a nice kick of heat from the spice marinade that you can offset a little with your favourite dipping sauce. Good enough to tide you over till Spicy McNuggets are back on the menu!

Available at: FairPrice, Shopee, Lazada

3. New Multi Spicy Fried Boneless Chicken Thigh

McDonald’s McSpicy dupe

Fast Food Dupes - New Multi Spicy Fried Boneless Chicken Thigh
Image credit:
Song Fish

Another scorching hot favourite from McDonald’s is, of course, the good ol’ McSpicy. Whether you want to zhng up your McD’s burger into a triple stacker or wish to savour just the patty without buns and toppings getting in the way, New Multi’s Spicy Fried Boneless Chicken Thigh ($10.90 for 800g) is said to taste similar to the real deal.

Hefty pieces of thigh meat are marinated in a spice blend and coated in a well-seasoned batter. You can deep-fry it to get it extra crispy and juicy, but air-frying is a quicker and healthier option that will give you that familiar McSpicy-esque flavour just as well. FYI, the difference in price between a regular McSpicy and Double McSpicy is $1.60. But at $10.90 for a bag of ten pieces, each of these New Multi patties costs just $1.09. ‘Nuff said!

Available at: Shopee, Song Fish Seafood Market Place

4. Farmpride Popcorn Chicken

KFC Popcorn Chicken dupe

Fast Food Dupes - Farmpride Popcorn Chicken
Image credit:

If you’re like me and love to explore overseas fast food franchises, you may notice that different KFCs around the world have slightly different versions of the same menu item. For instance, KFC Australia’s Popcorn Chicken has a thinner skin, with more emphasis on the depth and complexity of flavours than the crunch. The meat is also softer, whereas Singapore’s version has more of a fibrous bite.

If you’re curious to try it out, or have tried it before and greatly miss it, Farmpride’s Popcorn Chicken ($6.88 for 400g) will be your ticket to tasting Australia’s version of KFC Popcorn Chicken without actually flying there. These tender little morsels feature a thin and savoury layer of batter, with a higher meat-to-batter ratio. 

Available at: Major supermarkets, Shopee, Lazada

5. CP Chicken Pop

KFC Popcorn Chicken dupe

Fast Food Dupes - CP Chicken Popcorn
Image credit:

Don’t worry, we gotchu with the local KFC Popcorn Chicken dupe too. The crunchy version is what we all grew up with, and that ample flour coating will always be satisfying to munch on. That said, it’s also a universal experience to sift through floury bits of mostly batter in search of the precious meaty chunks. With a giant 1kg packet of CP Chicken Pop ($12.30 for 1kg), rest assured that you’ll be getting plenty of meat and crunchy goodness.

They’re definitely a lot more uniform in terms of size and meat content, with the crunchy type of batter that’s akin to Singapore KFC’s. The coating is fairly simple in terms of flavour, with a mild taste of seasoning salt and notes of black pepper. This option is prized for its bite though, and has a more subtle flavour which makes it a good base to pair with dipping sauces.

Available at: Major supermarkets, CP official website, Amazon, Shopee, Lazada

6. Farmpride Frozen Buffalo Wings

Pizza Hut Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets dupe

Fast Food Dupes - Farmpride Frozen Buffalo Wings
Image credit:

Pizza Hut may be famed for its pizza, but their Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets are a must-order whether you’re getting delivery or dining in. They get snapped up quick, but fret not. You can have a whole packet to yourself with Farmpride’s Frozen Buffalo Wings ($6.95 for 450g).

They’ve been reported to taste very similar to Pizza Hut’s version, albeit with a stronger kick of spice in both the sauce glaze as well as the marinade. The tender drummettes are coated in a hot and tangy sauce, and can be prepared using an air-fryer, oven, or toaster oven. It makes for a handy party food to serve guests, and a break from the fried stuff!

Available at: Major supermarkets, Shopee, Lazada

7. Simplot Shoestring French Fries

McDonald’s French Fries dupe

Fast Food Dupes - Simplot Shoestring French Fries
Image credit:

Fries play a bigger role in my diet than I’d like to admit, and I can vouch that McDonald’s French Fries are top tier. There’s just something about the flavour of the batter, the thinness of the cut, and the balance of crispy versus fluffy.

If you ever wanted to have your own stash of McD’s fries at home, ready to be fried up any time of day, Simplot’s Shoestring French Fries ($4.76 for 1kg) is as close as you can get. Simplot is said to be the official fries supplier for McDonald’s, according to financial records. Now all you need is a sprinkle of McDonald’s salt sachets. 

Available at: Amazon

8. Simplot Twister Fries

McDonald’s Twister Fries dupe

Fast Food Dupes - Simplot Twister Fries
Image credit:

Apparently, Simplot is also behind McDonald’s beloved Twister Fries, which Singaporeans eagerly await to reunite with every promo season. To tide you over those withdrawals when these curly goodies aren’t on the menu, stock up on a packet or two of Simplot Twister Fries ($9.90 for 1kg).

It looks and tastes very close to the real deal. So whether or not Simplot is truly the stockist for McD’s Singapore, at least you can close your eyes and just enjoy the delicious, savoury batter of these crispy curls. 

Available at: Amazon, Toko Warisan

9. Simplot Hash Brown Potatoes

McDonald’s Hash Brown dupe

Fast Food Dupes Simplot Hash Brown Potatoes
Image credit:

Completing the holy trinity of McDonald’s glorious potato goodies is Simplot’s Hash Brown Potatoes ($6.90 for 600g), a dupe for the ever-popular breakfast Hash Brown. You know that feeling of dread and frustration when you miss the cut-off time for McD’s breakfast orders, and have to proceed with the rest of your day, hash brown-less? You’ll never have to deprive yourself of crispy, golden hash brown patties ever again!

Also, at $6.90 for 10 pieces which works out to $0.69 a pop, you’ll be saving plenty of moolah as opposed to ordering it a la carte at McD’s for $1.20.

Available at: Amazon, Toko Warisan, Savour Gourmet

10. CP Mexican Wings

KFC Winglets dupe

Fast Food Dupes CP Mexican Wings
Image credit:

OGs remember that KFC used to have a series called Snackers, which were wallet-friendly snack boxes with different varieties of proteins to choose from, including burgers, wraps, and Popcorn Chicken. One of the options was Winglets, which has sadly been retired from the menu along with Snackers as a whole.

Local netizens have deduced that CP’s Mexican Wings (from $5.95 for 300g) are eerily similar to bygone Winglets. It features that familiar crunchy and thick batter, tinged with a savoury blend of spices for a slight peppery kick. Prepare your taste buds for major nostalgia.

Available at: Major supermarkets, CP official website, Amazon, Shopee, Lazada

Fast food dupes to recreate your favourites at home 

The next time you’re hit with the late-night munchies or are hosting a house party, these fast food dupes will be a quick and easy solution. They’re even more value-for-money than the real deal, and you can just chuck them in the oven or air-fryer while you get on with your business. 

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Feature image adapted from @sherrarchi, GrabMart, @titasgroceria.

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