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Forage Cafe: Honey-Themed Cafe In Bedok With Popular Waffle Sandwiches And More

31st October 2022

Forage Cafe has waffle sandwiches and more at Bedok and Bugis

For those unaware, foraging is the process by which bees collect nectar. With that in mind, Forage Cafe is the perfect name for an eatery that uses honey in many of its dishes.

forage-cafe-storefrontImage credit: @chris.koh

The cafe has two outlets: one at Bedok, and the other at Bugis. There are some differences in their respective menus, but honey remains the common thread.

forage-cafe-ham-waffleImage credit: @theforagecafesg

Most drop by Forage Cafe to have their signature waffle sandwiches, which are served with multifloral honey. For starters, try the Turkey Ham & Cheese ($19++), a sweet-savoury treat that has smoked turkey ham and melted cheese sandwiched between two honey buttermilk waffles. A side of truffle mushrooms also features in this dish, adding its earthy flavour to this decadent dish.

Image credit: @theforagecafesg

For those who prefer more substantial meat, the Chilli Cheese Chicken ($19++) waffle sandwich is the more satisfying option. Fried chicken thigh, which is said to be crispy and juicy, replaces the ham in the previous dish, while piquant chilli cheese sauce adds zing to its taste.

forage-cafe-salmon-steakImage credit: @theforagecafesg

Even some of the mains at Forage Cafe make heavy use of honey, too. The Bedok outlet has the Salmon Steak Honey Hollandaise ($22++), which has pan-seared Norwegian salmon dressed in the sweet goodness of apple-vinegar honey hollandaise. Mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables feature alongside this dish.

forage-cafe-honey-drinkImage credit: @theforagecafesg

If you’re getting a drink to go along with your meal, you might want to consider getting… even more honey! The Forage Signature Summer Refreshment ($9) is the drink to get here—it’s made out of a potent mix of multifloral honey, jasmine tea, yuzu blossom jelly, and passionfruit.

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Forage Cafe is not a halal-certified eatery but uses no pork or lard.

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Feature image adapted from @theforagecafesg

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