Abang by Pondok Abang Has Rojak Fried Chicken For $7 In Clementi
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This Clementi Hawker Stall Sells Fried Chicken Topped With Rojak Sauce

21st October 2021

Abang by Pondok Abang rojak fried chicken

I love rojak, and I love fried chicken, but never in my limited imagination would I think of putting both together. Thankfully, Abang by Pondok Abang, a Muslim-owned hawker stall in Clementi, has turned this foodie fever dream into reality with their new product: Rojak Ayam.

Abang by Pondok Abang is best known for their ayam penyet and nasi goreng dishes. Prices are affordable, starting at $4, with sets going up to $7.50. Their Rojak Ayam is a new addition to the menu, priced at $7. Customers get a plate of chopped fried chicken thigh, complete with crackling, doused with a serving of rojak sauce and crunchy peanuts for added texture. Fresh greens, cucumber, as well as a small lime offer some freshness and zestiness to the overall dish.

abang pondok ayam
Image credit: @sarthahirah

If you do head down to order this, try out some of Abang by Pondok Abang’s other specialities too. This includes their Bandung Rojak ($7), an Indonesian-style rojak served with bee hoon, cuttlefish, and tahu, tempeh, and keropok. There is also their Ayam Bakar Kicap ($6.50), a rice set with fried chicken doused in a super fiery sambal sauce.

ayam penyet
Image credit: ABANG by Pondok Abang

Their Ayam Penyet ($7) is something you can’t go wrong with—thick, fried chicken pieces are served alongside rice, tempeh, and fried tahu, accompanied by a zingy chilli sauce that brightens up the overall plate.

Otherwise, if you enjoy rojak, check out our guide to the 10 must-try rojak in Singapore. We also have a guide to the best fried chicken for all budgets. If you’re in Clementi looking for places to dine, there is our Mee Bagus review for halal bak chor mee and volcano ayam noodles. Otherwise, there’s our Burnt Cones review for ube and pistachio ice cream, as well as waffles, open till 12am.

Address: 448 Clementi Avenue 3, #01-03, Singapore
Opening hours: Daily 9am to 7pm

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Featured image adapted from ABANG by Pondok Abang.

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