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Gin Thye Has White Rabbit Kuih Bahulu And Brown Sugar Chiffon Cake For CNY 

22nd January 2020

White Rabbit kuih bahulu at Gin Thye

White Rabbit Cake
Image credit: Qoo10

The White Rabbit hype train is not slowing down anytime soon, despite the plethora of snacks themed after it—from bubble tea to cakes. Fresh off the success of their White Rabbit Blancmanges Rolls, popular old-school bakery Gin Thye is back with a new menu item: White Rabbit Kuih Bahulu.

White Rabbit Cake By Old-School Bakery Gin Thye Now Available Online

Cheap Kuih Bahulu
Image credit: Shopee

Like their name suggests, these madeleines have been infused with the classic candy—resulting in a pillowy treat with a milky aftertaste. Costing $12.80 for a set of 35 pieces, the snacks are extremely cheap so you can stock up on them in anticipation of Chinese New Year.

Oreo Sesame Kuih Bahulu
Image credit: Qoo10

Those looking for some variety can also opt for their other unique flavours which include lychee, Oreo sesame, and pandan.

Brown Sugar Cake
Image credit: Shopee

Besides kuih bahulu, you can find an assortment of modern and traditional snacks at Gin Thye such as the Taiwan Bubble Milk Tea Chiffon Cake ($25.80). The cake is studded with Oreo bits, and brown sugar pearls from Taiwan—making it a must-get for those with a sweet tooth.

All these items can be purchased via Gin Thye’s online stores on Qoo10 and Shopee. To get ‘em in time for Chinese New Year, select the ‘Self-Collect’ option as their online dispatch service will be closed till after 30 January 2020.

Gin Thye Sembawang

You can collect your order at their Sembawang bakery which has been around since 1964. The store even has a dine-in area where you can snack on your goodies if you can’t wait for the journey back home!

White Rabbit Milkshake Recipe: Easy Steps With Four Ingredients For A Taste Of Childhood


If you’re searching for a gao dose of White Rabbit goodness, look no further than our White Rabbit Milkshake recipe which only takes 20 minutes to make!

Address: 427 Sembawang Road, Singapore 758394
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 8am to 8pm, Sun 8am to 1pm

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