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Famous Golden Mile Thai Supermarket Is Reopening At Aperia Mall

14th February 2023
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Golden Mile Thai Supermarket to reopen at Aperia Mall

Golden Mile Complex is one of those very Singaporean icons, popularly known as ‘Little Thailand’ for the many Thai eateries within the building. Besides heading there for legit Thai food, there’s also the Thai Supermarket, which, along with all the other tenants, will be vacating the building very soon. Here’s some good news for fans: the supermarket is reopening at Aperia Mall, near Lavender MRT Station, this May!

thai supermarket - storefrontImage credit: Thai Supermarket

If you’re unfamiliar with Thai Supermarket, the second-floor institution has been around since 1985. It is a one-stop shop for all things Thai groceries, including snacks, beverages, and cooking essentials. The reason behind their move is last year’s successful en-bloc sale of Golden Mile Complex, with the building being slated to be handed over to the developers by May this year.

thai supermarket aperia mall artist impressionImage credit: Thai Supermarket

Thai Supermarket’s marketing team have revealed that they’re targeting to open by early May on the first floor atrium of the Lavender mall, with a mini Thai food street—including two eateries with dine-in seats, and three takeaway kiosks!

thai supermarket aperia mall artist impression 2Image credit: Thai Supermarket

The last day of operations at Golden Mile Complex is calendared in for 9 April 2023.

thai supermarket - baan kanom thaiImage credit: @chiaksimi

For those of you that haven’t been to Thai Supermarket, stuff you can look forward to getting there include Thai pandan pancakes and lava mochi from Baan Kanom Thai, a dessert kiosk within the supermart.

thai supermarket - moo pingImage credit: @xia0feizhu

Another kiosk within the supermarket sells Thai moo ping, AKA grilled pork skewer, which is said to be smoky and sweet.

thai supermarket - banana fritterImage credit: @nomnomxchompchomp

We’re hoping that the super popular Fried Banana ($3) will follow the move to Aperia Mall too. Another sweet treat, these fried fritters are meant to be ultra crispy, and coated in sesame seeds.

thai supermarket - sweet potato ballImage credit: @indulgentprose

Otherwise, the Sweet Potato Balls ($2) are a popular pick too, strongly tasting of the root vegetable, with a mochi-like centre.

thai supermarket - pink milkImage credit: @nomnomxchompchomp

Priced at $3.50, another lesser-seen item you might look forward to getting at Thai Supermarket is Pink Milk, known as nom chompoo, that’s made with sala syrup.

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We visited Golden Mile Complex to find the best food there, including at Thai Supermarket; check the video out below!

Best Thai Food In Singapore? Golden Mile Complex Guide | Eatbook Food Guide | EP 47
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Best Thai Food In Singapore? Golden Mile Complex Guide | Eatbook Food Guide | EP 47

If you are looking for other Thai supermarkets around Singapore, there’s Rama Bear Thai Mart near Jalan Besar MRT Station. Otherwise, drop by Pha Muk for Thai yong tau foo at Golden Mile before the complex shuts down!

Address: 12 Kallang Avenue, #01-20, Aperia Mall, Singapore 339511
Opening hours: TBC

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Feature image adapted from Thai Supermarket, @nomnomxchompchomp

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