Hershey's Hot Choco Drink From Korea Now In Singapore, Get It For $2.50
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Korea’s Popular Hershey’s Hot Choco Drink Now In Singapore, Get It For $2.50

22nd October 2021

Hershey’s Hot Choco Drink in Singapore

Instant hot chocolate, or hot cocoa, is such a simple, comforting drink to wind down with after a long day. While our local supermarket shelves stock brands aplenty, those who have gone to Korea on holiday will know that one of the holy grails of instant hot cocoa mixes is Hershey’s Hot Choco.

hershey hot choco

It was spotted in Singapore recently, as reported by 8daysand is available for only $2.50.

hersheys hot choco mix singapore

Exclusive to FairPrice Xpress, FairPrice, and some Cheers outlets, the Hershey’s Hot Choco is available in two flavours—Original and Marshmallow.

fairprice xpress jurong

The flavours are contained in a premix pack, which you pour into a cardboard cup, along with 1/2 cup of boiling water, and then mix with the provided stirring stick.

hershey hot choco

If you’ve ever turned regular Hershey’s Cocoa Powder into hot chocolate, then that is what the Original flavour tastes like.

hershey hot choco singapore

There’s no malty taste, just a pronounced dose of milk and chocolate. According to our colleague who tried one, “it doesn’t taste cheap, more like good instant hot chocolate.”

hershey hot chocolate on shelf

The Marshmallow flavour is said to be the star, with a richer chocolate flavour, and small puffs of marshmallow for texture. Head down soon to get your hands on this, though, as we hear they’re selling out fast.

If you don’t live near a FairPrice Xpress outlet, and still want to get your hands on this drink, you can order them off Lazada and Shopee. Prices start from $2.45, without shipping, and will take up to two weeks to arrive. Either way, this makes for a great drink to have on hand amidst the rainy weather lately.

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Photos taken by Chiara Ang.

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