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10 Homegrown Food Brands Started By Singaporean Millennials To #SupportLocal

6th September 2018

Homegrown food brands in Singapore

Food unites Singaporeans. And it always warms my heart when I find out that certain brands are Singapore-owned. Even more so when they cross the border and become popular food brands overseas, such as when Old Chang Kee opened in London. Today, many young Singaporeans are jumping into the food business and pushing out their own range of delicious products. Support local and check out these homegrown food brands by young Singaporeans.

1. Fossa Chocolate

Homegrown Food Brands Singapore - Fossa Chocolate-min
Image credit: @fossachocolate

Singapore seldom comes into mind when I think of good chocolate. But all that has changed, thanks to Fossa Chocolate. This bean-to-bar chocolate purveyor pushes out a wide range of creamy, toothsome chocolate bars, from your usual dark and milk chocolate to unique ones such as Salted Egg Cereal Blond Chocolate ($10) and Shrimp & Bonito Dark Chocolate ($10). Try a range of flavours with their Subscription Box, which starts from $76 a month.



Homegrown Food Brands Singapore - MOFO CHILI-min
Image credit: @mofochili

Of course, nothing beats my grandpa’s hand-pounded sambal belachan. But he only makes his fiery chilli on special occasions. As such, my alternative is stocking up on jars of MOFO CHILI. Founded by sisters Monica and Foi, their chillies are halal and vegetarian-friendly. Ease your way in and order their Dodge The Bullet ($10) first to see if you can handle the heat. If that does nothing for you, go ahead and try their Final Destination ($12), which is said to be insanely hot. They also do chilli powder – Gun Powder ($8) – that can be sprinkled over ramen or pizza.


3. Poppy & Co.

Homegrown Food Brands Singapore Poppy & Co.-min
Image credit: Poppy & Co’s Facebook page

When I first saw Poppy & Co gracing the shelves of Cold Storage, I didn’t expect it to be a local brand. Founded by ex-SIA air stewardess Jacqueline Koay, Poppy & Co is known for their array of açaí berry products, which include raw and pasteurised açaí pulp, açaí sorbet, and açaí powder. I like how they only use 100% organic açaí berries from the Amazon forest, with no additives, preservatives and sweeteners. It’s also halal-certified and vegan-friendly, catering to everyone in Singapore.


4. Kittea

Homegrown Food Brands Singapore Kittea-min
Image credit: @mykittea

There are tons of tea purveyors in Singapore, and one of the newest kids on the block is Kittea. Started in 2016, this homegrown brand comes up with gourmet tea blends inspired by cat breeds’ personalities and heritage. One of their best-sellers is The British Shorthair ($8), which is a delicate black tea base with a robust bergamot scent and mellow lemon notes.


5. Anthony The Spice Maker

Homegrown Food Brands Singapore - Anthony The Spice Maker-min
Image credit: @anthonythespicemaker

Okay, Anthony The Spice Maker isn’t really started by a millennial, but it is definitely the third-generation owner, Jack, who made this spice specialist known to netizens. After repackaging the products into paper bags, the spice brand’s clientele is no longer limited to aunties, but expats and young adults too. Aside from selling spices in its raw form, they also come up with ready-to-make spice blends for you to easily whip up rendang chicken and laksa.

Address: Blk 335 Smith Street, #B1-169, Chinatown Complex, Singapore 050335
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 8:15am to 3:30pm
Tel: 9117 7573

6. Hook Coffee

Homegrown Food Brands Singapore Hook Coffee-min
Image credit: @hook_coffee

From Nylon Coffee Roasters to Liberty Coffee, there are many players in Singapore’s coffee scene. But Hook Coffee stands out as they offer both coffee pods, powder and beans. Plus, I’m a sucker for eye-catching packaging, and their product design is on point. Suitable for Nespresso machines, their coffee pods feature adorable names such as Give Me Smores ($14 for 20 pods) – a dark roast, with low acidity highlighted by notes of cacao, vanilla, and spice.


7. The Indiana Supply Co.

Homegrown Food Brands Singapore The Indiana Supply Co.-min
Image credit: @theindianasupplyco

My #kitchengoals would involve having my pantry stocked with The Indiana Supply Co’s range of salt.  Aside from their regular all-purpose salts that include Himalayan Pink Salt ($4.20) and Fleur De Sel De Guerande ($5.50), they also dole out unique flavoured salts including Bali Aga Smoked Salt ($7) and Bali Aga Lime & Celery Salt ($7). Perfect items to have as I go on my journey to becoming the next Masterchef Singapore.



Homegrown Food Brands Singapore (4)-min

If you’re bored of the usual chip flavours like salt and vinegar or BBQ, then snack on Hainanese chicken rice- and laksa- flavoured potato chips from F.EAST. Priced at $3 a packet, these crinkle-cut potato chips taste exactly like the real deal and are totes addictive. This month, F.EAST will also be rolling out a new flavour: Egg Prata with Fish Curry!

Get them from:

NTUC Fairprice

New Egg Prata Potato Chips At $3 Per Packet By F.EAST

9. The Hunters’ Kitchenette

Homegrown Food Brands Singapore The Hunters' Kitchenette-min
Image credit: @percolatecoffee

You could say that The Hunters’ Kitchenette was born out of love. Created by Herbert Salim for his wife Natalia and his two small children, these nut butters steer away from sugar, vegetable oils and other nasty additives, as the family believes in clean eating. Choose from a range of nut butters including Almond ($14), Cashew ($14), Hazelnut ($16), Pistachio ($19) and Macadamia ($18),  or try them all with their Nut Butter Gift Set ($35)!


10. Boxgreen

Homegrown Food Brands Singapore - BOX GREEN-min
Image credit: @boxgreenco

Snacking can be good for you, so long as you choose the right snacks to munch on. Give your chips a miss and opt for treats from Boxgreen. From granola squares to quinoa cookie, trail mix and more, most of their yummy snacks are under 120 calories and make for a healthy midday bite. Rally your colleagues and fill up your box of goodies, as a minimum spending of $19.90 is required.


Get your hands on these homegrown food goodies!

Show some love to these homegrown food brands! I assure you, once you try their grub, you will be returning customers and their number one fans.

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