Hong Style Fried Rice By Ex-Din Tai Fung Chef Opens New Outlet At Kallang Bahru
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Hong Style Fried Rice By Ex-Din Tai Fung Chef Opens New Outlet At Kallang Bahru

22nd February 2022

Hong Style Fried Rice Kallang Bahru

Hong Style Fried Rice made waves when they opened their flagship hawker stall in Ang Mo Kio. The stall sells egg fried rice, all prepared by an ex-Din Tai Fung (DTF) chef. The quality is nearly akin to that of DTF, albeit at a fraction of the price. Now, they have announced a second opening: Hong Style Fried Rice Kallang Bahru.

hong style fried rice - flat lay

Unlike the OG outlet at Ang Mo Kio, Hong Style Fried Rice Kallang Bahru will not be run by the former DTF chef himself, but a new business partner. Regardless, the owners have taken steps to ensure the quality, recipe, and standard remains the same, no matter which stall you dine at.

The new outlet is located at First Eating House Coffee Shop, and will have the exact same Hong Style Fried Rice menu people know and love. Prices don’t change between branches either, confirmed a stall representative.

hong style fried rice menu kallang bahru
Image credit: Hong Style

Topping the list of must-tries is the Pork Chop Golden Egg Fried Rice ($6.50). Wok hei-infused egg fried rice is topped with a generous slab of Taiwanese-style pork chop.

hong style fried rice - pork chop fried rice

If you prefer shrimp, then go for their Prawn Garlic Egg Fried Rice ($6.70), topped with rounds of fresh, sweet crystal prawns.

hong style fried rice - prawn garlic fried rice

Another two unique items they have are their Sambal Egg Fried Rice and their Darksauce Egg Fried Rice. Both start from $5. The former uses sweet-spicy sambal to give each spoonful a kick, while the latter has dark soy sauce laced into the fried rice for depth and umami.

hong style fried rice kallang bahru
Image credit: Hong Style

There will be an exclusive menu item at the Kallang Bahru outlet: fried chicken wings. Each costs $1.30, and is battered till crisp, then deep-fried till golden. The chicken wing recipe is passed down from the owner’s father, so don’t expect this to be run of the mill. If you buy five wings, you get one piece for free.

Hong Style Fried Rice has also revealed they are planning to continue expanding, opening new outlets elsewhere in Singapore around April and May. Stay tuned for those, and fingers crossed they come to a location near you.

For more fried rice, check out our guide to affordable pork chop fried rice in Singapore. Otherwise, there is also our review of The Voice, a Taiwanese eatery selling dishes like lu rou fan and mee sua from $3.80.

Address: Blk 66 Kallang Bahru, Singapore 330066
Opening hours: Fri-Wed 11am to 8pm

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