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This Restaurant In Singapore Lets You Enjoy Heart-Shaped Hotpot In A Fairy-Lit Tent

21st December 2021

Enjoy heart-shaped hotpot in a tent at Pioneer

Pioneer may be at the far Western end of Singapore, but that place is proving to be a budding ground for unique F&B concepts. First, there was Tea Dough, a bubble tea stall with handmade pearls in unique flavours, and now, there’s 中河小镇网红餐厅, a restaurant tucked away in an industrial estate that lets you enjoy Chinese steamboat in a heart-shaped hotpot, inside a fairy-lit outdoor tent.

tent hotpot singapore pioneer 中河小镇网红火锅
Image credit: 爱丽丝

中河小镇网红餐厅, which translates to Zhong He River Internet Famous Restaurant, serves both BBQ skewers, AKA shao kao, and hotpot. The tent dining experience is something new they’ve introduced, utilising the alfresco area outside of the main restaurant. The concept is very similar to In The Tent in Mount Austin, JB, which recently opened.

You can call to reserve a tent, which seats up to five people, with no dining duration limit for now. There are nine tents only, so spots are limited—good to bear in mind if you’re willing to travel up to 中河小镇网红餐厅‘s far-flung address at Penjuru Road.

Most of the tents are typical A-frame setups, adorned with twinkling fairy lights. You dine on floor seating, adding a layer of cosiness to the experience. For those worried about heat, you can actually open the tent on both sides for ventilation. The tent is also waterproof to guard against rain.

If you are booking for a special occasion, or prefer to sit down and dine, then there is a Mongolian yurt you can reserve too.

heart shape hotpot pioneer singapore
Image credit: 爱丽丝

Guests can wait for their tent to be ready at a seating area, lined with life-sized heart-shaped booths.

Step inside your tent and you’ll see your table set up with a dual hotpot, starring a heart within a heart.

pioneer hotpot singapore restaurant
Image credit: 爱丽丝

Hotpot prices start at $10.80 for your soup base, and there are traditional options such as mala and pork bone. Ingredients here are typically priced under $10, spanning meats, seafood, and greens. If you want to start with a medley, they have sets starting at under $60 too, each housing nine ingredients.

Image credit: 爱丽丝

If you’d like to try this dining experience out for yourself, then be sure to ring the restaurant in advance, as some nights can be fully booked. There’s a minimum spend of $100 if you’d to book the tents.

Do note that it is very far into Pioneer, so sharing a Grab with your dining companions or driving would be ideal. Parking is free on-site, but there are only a handful of slots. For more steamboat experiences, check out our guide to hotpot in Singapore.

Address: 42A Penjuru Road, Level 2, Singapore 609164
Opening hours: Daily 5pm to 12am
Tel: 9680 5989
中河小镇网红餐厅 is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Featured image adapted from 爱丽丝.

This article was originally written on 21 December 2021.

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