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You Can Now Buy Impossible Meat Online And Cook It Yourself

8th May 2020

Impossible Meat available online

impossible meat online - raw

It was on the news recently that mock meat products have sold out in the supermarkets in Singapore. Thankfully, Impossible Foods, the front runner of animal-free and plant-based meat, has just launched their new initiative which offers their vegan-friendly meat directly to consumers online. 

impossible meat online - burger pattiesImage credit: Impossible Foods

For the first time ever in Singapore, selected restaurants and distributors will act as online platforms for home cooks to get their hands on the Impossible Meat. 

Starting today, you will be able to get these slick bricks of frozen Impossible Meat via delivery or self pick-up, at $88.90 for 2.27kg packages. Order online from restaurants such as Park Bench Deli, Fatboy’s, Straits Chinese, Rubato Italian Kitchen & Bar, and even the food truck by The Goodburger at Coronation Plaza. Alternatively, kill two birds with one stone, and get your entire groceries done online at Classic Fine Foods, which offers the Impossible Meat as well.

impossible meat online - swensens burger

Created with the help of science, these “meats” are made entirely by plants for vegans. I’ve personally enjoyed good Impossible Burger from Swesens, and I must say they have nailed the texture on point. Rid from any hint of gaminess, the meat still had a deep and savoury flavour in every bite. The raw Impossible Meat comes packaged just like ground meat, and is great for dishes such as tacos, shepherds pie, spaghetti and more. 

impossible meat online - ramen burger

Let your creative juices flow this Circuit Breaker and try whipping up various recipes with the Impossible Meat. After thawing the Impossible Meat, you can roll them into balls to meat meatballs, crumble them to add flavour and texture into sauces, or even pack them into patties for a juicy ramen burger like Lobsters & Ice Cream did in their cafe. 

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Thanks to the Circuit Breaker, constantly ordering food online might burn a hole in your wallet. If you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or a meat-lover who has yet to get a taste of the Impossible Meat, it might be a good idea to cart one of these frozen blocks out, and give cooking a go in the kitchen!

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