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This Eunos Stall Has Handmade XXL Meat Bao, Coffee Bao And More From $1

30th March 2023
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Ipoh Handmade Pau in Eunos has XXL bao from $1

ipoh handmade pau - flatlayImage credit: @melvinmak

There’s something most satisfying about having a piping hot bao or siew mai from the steamer, no matter the time of the day. What makes it doubly satis is the fact that these soul foods don’t chew a hole through our pockets. If you live in the Eunos area, you ought to check out Ipoh Handmade Pau to sort those bao cravings out.

ipoh handmade pau - storefrontImage credit: @melvinmak

Their menu has a total of 11 items that are all said to be handmade in the stall, including Braised Meat Pau ($1.80), Shou Tao ($1) and more.

ipoh handmade pau - amy yip pauImage credit: @melvinmak

The most impressive item at Ipoh Handmade Pau is their Amy Yip Big Meat Pau ($4.50), a whopping huge bun that’s sure to fill any hungry stomach or two.

ipoh handmade pau - amy yip pau cross sectionImage credit: @melvinmak

Fun fact: the pau is named as such in reference to 1990’s Hong Kong actress Amy Yip’s voluptuous assets. Tear into this bao to find juicy insides, with large chunks of well-marinated meat and even a hard-boiled egg.

ipoh handmade pau - coffee pau cross sectionImage credit: @melvinmak

For something less conventional, there’s Coffee Pau ($1), filled with a smooth, thick coffee-based paste.

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ipoh handmade pau - char siew pauImage credit: @melvinmak

Of course, no pau shop can go without selling Char Siu Pau ($1); here, it’s generously stuffed with the saucy, stewed pork that’s nicely sweet, but not overly so.

ipoh handmade pau - fan choiImage credit: @melvinmak

If you’re looking for something more filling besides pau, there’s Fan Choy ($2.50) or Glutinous Rice ($2.50), where the former stars regular seasoned rice with slices of char siew and half boiled egg, and the latter is your typical lor mai gai.

ipoh handmade pau - siew maiImage credit: @melvinmak

Pair your bao or rice with a Siew Mai ($1), for a whole chonky piece of tasty meat in its characteristic yellow wrapper.

In the same coffeeshop as Ipoh Hand-made Pau is Famous Eunos Bak Chor Mee, a heritage stall that’s famous for their garlicky, soupy BCM. For more dim sum, check out Bei-Ing Dimsum Club in East Coast!

Address: Block 7 Eunos Crescent, #01-2651, Singapore 400007
Opening hours: Daily 6:30am to 6pm
Tel: 9883 5575
Ipoh Hand-made Pau is not a halal-certified eatery

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