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This Geylang Serai Stall Has Four-Flavoured Martabak Manis Pizza

18th November 2022

Irna’s Taste Food & Cakes in Geylang Serai has martabak manis pizza and more

Image credit: Irna’s Taste Food & Cakes 

Irna’s Taste Food & Cakes is a small Indonesian food shop located in MILLAGE condominium, beside Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre. Formerly a home-based business, this shop was opened by Mrs Irna, an Indonesian-Muslim housewife who wanted to share her love for Indonesian cuisine. 

They are best known for their fluffy and thick martabak manis, which are somewhat similar to what we know as min jiang kueh in Singapore. For those wondering, ‘martabak’ refers to a stuffed pancake, while ‘manis’ is the equivalent to ‘sweet’ in Bahasa. 

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Irna’s Taste Food & Cakes 

Not only does Irna’s Taste Food & Cakes have martabak manis in single flavours, but they also come in an open-face, pizza-style format which stars up to four flavours on one martabak! 

The Original Mix Pizza ($18) is a great pick if you’re all about decadent and sinful desserts, or if you’re looking for something to share. It features a thick martabak base that’s first glazed with butter, then drenched in condensed milk, and piled with heaps of shredded cheese, chocolate sprinkles, peanuts, and ketan. This last ingredient is said to be a mix of black glutinous rice and desiccated coconut. 

For an additional $1, you can opt for a Pandan Martabak Base instead!

irna's-taste-food-&-cakes-peanut-martabak-manisImage credit: Irna’s Taste Food & Cakes 

For something that’s less indulgent, the Single Topping ($12) martabak manis is worth a shot. You could go for the classic Peanut topping on this, but it also comes in other flavours such as Cheese, Choco, Creamy Corn, Oreo, and Ketan

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Irna’s Taste Food & Cakes 

If that’s not enough, go for the martabak manis with Double Topping ($13) or Triple Topping ($14) and try the best-selling Choco Cheese Peanut with Pandan Martabak Base ($15) for a medley of sweet and savoury flavours. 

As compared to the Original Mix Pizza martabak manis which has its toppings divided into six equal slices, all of the toppings get mixed together and sandwiched in a single pancake when you order a Triple Topping martabak manis. 

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Irna’s Taste Food & Cakes 

Aside from martabak manis, you can also look forward to classic Indonesian dishes such as Ayam Geprek. The dish comes in three different sizes: Small ($6), Medium ($8), and Large ($10)

For more martabak manis with unique flavours, check out Smile Martabak. Alternatively, you can head down to Happy Geprek for ayam geprek and Indomie with customisable sambal. 

Address: 55 Changi Road, #01-21, MILLAGE, Singapore 419709
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 10am to 6pm, Sun 12pm to 6pm
Tel: 8895 0735
Irna’s Taste Food & Cakes is a Muslim-owned eatery.

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Feature image adapted from Irna’s Taste Food & Cakes

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