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IRVINS Now Has Ribbed Potato Chips With A Pikachu Packaging For Pokemon Lovers

2nd June 2020

Pokemon potato chips at IRVINS

[Update, 4 June 2020: The Pikachu plushies have been fully redeemed.]

a bag of pikachu chips
Image adapted from: IRVINS

This is a good month to be a Pokemon fan. In addition to Pokemon Sword and Shield’s expansion passes, budding Ash Ketchums have the new IRVINS Pokemon potato chips to look forward to. Dubbed ‘Pokemon Salted Egg Zig Zag Potato Chips’, the snack comprises ribbed potato chips packed in a cute Pikachu-emblazoned packaging.

The thick chips help trap more salted egg yolk goodness, allowing you to savour more of IRVINS’ signature rich flavour. The chips come in two sizes: small ($8 for 100g) and big ($16 for 230g). You can get these beauties online and have ‘em delivered to you on the same day, as long as your order is in before 9am.

pikachu stores
Image credit: IRVINS

Alternatively, you can get ‘em at IRVINS’ physical stores. Some outlets will sport aesthetically pleasing Pikachu facades. These include the outlets at Jewel Changi Airport, Orchard Gateway, Raffles Xchange, and Westgate.

pikachu goodies
Image credit: @irvinsaltedegg

If you’re like me and you’re a lil’ disappointed that the chips aren’t Pikachu-shaped, fret not as you can still have your fix of the adorable Pokemon. Online customers simply need a minimum purchase of $65, including at least one pack of Salted Egg Zig Zag Potato Chips to receive a free talking Pikachu plushie.

On the other hand, those heading to the IRVINS’ stores directly just need to spend at least $30 to get a special Pokemon tote bag. On the bright side, all purchases will be placed in Pikachu paper bags—so you’ll still walk away with a piece of Pokemon.

It goes without saying but given the popularity of Pokemon, you can expect these chips to sell out ASAP. As such, head to IRVINS’ website now to place your orders. You can even score free delivery for orders worth $100 and above!

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