Jack 'n Jill Has Limited-Edition Chicken Satay-Flavoured Chips
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Jack ‘n Jill Has Limited-Edition Chicken Satay-Flavoured Chips For Just $1.40

14th August 2020

Jack ‘n Jill turns chicken satay into potato chips

Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips are the crisps of every Singaporean’s childhood. What better way to celebrate this iconic snack, in conjunction with Singapore’s 55th birthday, than to launch their brand new Chicken Satay Chips?

Jack n' Jill Satay Potato ChipsImage credit: @jacknjillsg

Unlike the wafer-thin chips in the classic Jack ‘n Jill range, the all-new Chicken Satay chips come in crinkle cut. If you do your Math right, this means each chip has an increased surface area to catch even more chicken satay seasoning! 

Jack n' Jill Satay Potato ChipsImage credit: @leeanneuy

Taste the toothsome spice marinade that makes satay so recognisable, and the nutty goodness of the accompanying peanut dipping sauce, concentrated in a single potato chip.

Jack n' Jill Satay Potato ChipsImage credit: @chokfern

At 80 calories a serving, Jack ‘n Jill’s Chicken Satay chips actually have fewer calories than four sticks of satay and peanut sauce. As a point of reference, one bag of chips holds four and a half servings. This ingenious pairing means you satisfy both the urge for potato chips, and satay.

Grab a bag of this tasty snack at $1.40 per bag from your nearest supermarket now!

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