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Boufé Boutique Has A New Jiggly Bunny Tart That’s Sold Out Everyday

17th January 2019

Boufé Boutique’s ‘grammable Jiggly Bunny Tart

Boufé Boutique Café - yard

Making food look like animate animals seems to be a trend. It was just last year that a dog cake went viral for its life-like appearance. Last weekend, Boufé, which is pronounced just as you would with the word “buffet”, launched a Jiggly Bunny Tart ($8.50++). Viewing its videos on Instagram, I knew I had to try it.

Boufé Boutique Café - Bunny jiggle

I can see how it got the name Jiggly Bunny. The adorable bunny dances with graceful, fluid motions as you carry it to the table. It reminds me a little of castella cakes, except this bunny is so much more jiggly.

Boufé Boutique Café - jiggly bunny tart

Our tart was served on a minimalist white plate that juxtaposed beautifully against the dark brown tart. For all you hypebeasts out there, this makes a cute Instagram post that will garner plenty of likes.

Boufé Boutique Café Jiggly BunnyTart

To create this jiggly bunny, a blend of soy pudding, dairy, and stabilising agents is used.

Boufé Boutique Café - cross section of jiggly bunnytart
The rabbit sits atop a dense matcha mousse. As you slice into the tart, the dark chocolate crust crumbles, revealing a bed of adzuki beans snuggled beneath the porous mousse.

Boufé Boutique Café - Jiggly rabbit tart matcha mousse

There is a sense of a luxe decadence as you embark on the tart. Slight bitter notes from the matcha cut through the sweetness of the azuki beans. The result is a harmonised melange of sweet and bitter melodies.

Boufé Boutique Café - Bunny slice head

Cutting into the bunny, there is a familiar textural element of lao ban douhua to it. In your mouth, the bunny slowly dissolves into a smooth, creamy finish.

Boufé Boutique Café - unicorn cake

As you can tell, Boufé is known for pushing out unique cakes. And also sitting in their cake display is this majestic Unicorn Cake ($9++).

Boufé Boutique Café - unicorn jiggle

We were told that this cake jiggled too.

 Boufé Boutique Café - unicorn cake closeup

A sheening white milk glaze blankets the light, velvety coconut mousse. Like a crown, the cake is topped with a white chocolate unicorn horn, which tastes rather similar to rabbit milk candy.

Boufé Boutique Café - cross section

The Unicorn Cake features a mango crémeux resting above a moist vanilla sponge. Its taste very much mirrors the mango sago desserts you’d get in a Hong Kong cha can teng.

It’s slightly tangy, but the saccharine notes envelop your tongue and bring forth a sugary high.

Boufé Boutique Café - Ambience

“Chic” is probably the most apt word to describe the café’s ambience. It has a certain boho vibe that is weaved into a minimalist style. It is no wonder this café is so popular.

Despite its steep prices, Boufé’s quirky desserts make it a must-visit. Be warned, however, that the tarts are only produced in limited quantities. So go down early if you intend to get hold of one.

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Address: 308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park, #01-01, Singapore 247974
Opening Hours: Daily 9am to 8pm
Tel: 6734 7656

Boufé Boutique Has A New Jiggly Bunny Tart That’s Sold Out Everyday
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Boufé Boutique Has A New Jiggly Bunny Tart That’s Sold Out Everyday

Photos taken by Maverick Chua.
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