Jollibean Has New Lotus Biscoff Min Jiang Kueh, Get It At All Stalls Islandwide |
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Jollibean Has New Lotus Biscoff Min Jiang Kueh, Get It At All Stalls Islandwide

6th July 2022

New Lotus Biscoff min jiang kueh at Jollibean

jollibean - lotus biscoff min jiang kueh 2

There’s just something about Lotus biscoff that makes it so addictive, with its caramel and cinnamon notes. Combine it with warm, chewy min jiang kueh, and we’ve got a winner with the all-new Lotus Biscoff Min Jiang Kueh ($2.90) at Jollibean.

jollibean - lotus biscoff min jiang kueh 3

There are two distinct types of min jiang kueh: thin and crisp, much like a wafer, or thick and chewy. Jollibean’s Lotus Biscoff iteration sees it paired with the thick sort, an upgrade from your plain ol’ white bread plus speculoos spread.

jollibean - lotus biscoff min jiang kueh inside

Not only is the signature Jollibean min jiang kueh slathered generously with the Lotus Biscoff spread, it’s also sprinkled with crushed Lotus Biscoff biscuits.

jollibean - lotus biscoff min jiang kueh 5

Each bite into this min jiang kueh gives you layers of textures: creamy, sticky Lotus Biscoff spread, contrasted against the chew of the pancake, and accented with the crunch of the biscuits. It’s extra indulgent, but worth it.

jollibean - storefront

Jollibean launched the Lotus Biscoff Min Jiang Kueh last week, and it’s now available islandwide at all Jollibean outlets. It’s unclear if this launch is seasonal, or if it will be a permanent item, so head down soon to give it a try.

jollibean crispy pancake
Image credit: @emeliafooddiary

If you prefer crispy min jiang kueh, you can also get them at Jollibean in Crispy Hazelnut Chocolate & Peanut Chunks ($1.50), Crispy Peanuts, or Crispy Spicy Shrimp Floss varieties.

jollibean - wholemeal min jiang kueh
Image credit: @piggweee

Another recent addition to the Jollibean menu is their range of wholemeal min jiang kueh, which is said to be just as soft as the original, albeit with less of a chew, and a nutty wholegrain fragrance.

If not at Jollibean, check out Kueh Pulau Pinang in Buangkok for Penang-style MJK! Otherwise, try making your own min jiang kueh at home with these easy recipes.

Full list of outlets

Photos taken by Anthia Chng and Melvin Mak

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