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Kamome Bakery Opens In Bukit Timah With New Sakura Mochi Croissant And Matcha Pastries For A Limited Time

27th March 2024

Kamome Bakery opens in Bukit Timah with Japanese pastries

Kamome Bakery Bukit Timah Spring Series

With outlets in Paragon, Joo Chiat, and Novena, Kamome Bakery’s new opening in Bukit Timah means Westies can now conveniently enjoy their popular Japanese pastries. The quaint cafe is located an eight-minute walk from King Albert Park MRT Station

Kamome Bakery is launching a Spring Series menu showcasing bakes made with seasonal ingredients imported from Japan. This range is exclusively available at the Bukit Timah and Paragon outlets from 1 to 14 April 2024

Kamome Bakery Opens At Paragon With Japanese Buns, Fruit Sando And More


Kamome Bakery Bukit Timah Sakura Red Bean

The cute and dainty Sakura Red Bean Butter ($4.50) bun is a twist on one of Kamome Bakery’s signatures: the Red Bean Butter ($3.40) bun. This limited-time version features a spread made out of Japanese red bean paste blended with sakura leaves. The result is a smooth and luscious consistency with delicate floral notes and a pleasant sakura aroma. 

Kamome Bakery Bukit Timah Yomogi Mochi Bun

We were impressed by the abundant fillings in the Yomogi Mochi Bun ($4.20). Yomogi is Japanese mugwort, a springtime leafy plant usually incorporated within the wrapping of red bean mochi. The bun represents this traditional flavour pairing well, with ground yomogi powder kneaded into the dough and a filling of thick red bean paste plus stretchy mochi. Besides the deep green colour, the yomogi bread also had a subtle herbal taste that we found very unique and appetising.

Kamome Bakery Bukit Timah Sakura Mochi Croissant

Singaporeans love croissants, including inventive twists like the crookie or smashed croissants. Kamome Bakery steps into the ring with their Sakura Mochi Croissant ($7), which combines a flaky croissant with matcha cream, and warabimochi cubes. Talk about an all-in-one dessert or breakfast sweet treat! The various components provide heaps of variety in terms of flavour and texture, making for a fun stomach filler on-the-go.Kamome Bakery Bukit Timah Matcha Ganache

If you like matcha, you have to pick up the Matcha Ganache ($4.50) bread roll. My colleague and I thought the matcha cream in the Sakura Mochi Croissant was good, but one bite of this bread roll had us going wide-eyed with amazement—not to be dramatic. The ganache is incredibly rich and bittersweet, and you can just tell that it’s made with legit, premium matcha. The bread roll itself is also made with matcha powder, with a crunchy matcha crumble along the exterior.

Kamome Bakery Bukit Timah Milk Cream Hot Dog Bun

Folks who are new to Kamome Bakery can pick up some of their cult classics as well, such as the Milk Cream ($3.40) bread roll and Hot Dog Bun ($5.50). The former is a foolproof introduction to the quality of this Japanese bakery’s offerings, where a milk bread roll that has fluffy insides and a satisfying crust sandwiches a light and simple cream filling. Meanwhile, the Hot Dog Bun is like an elevated rendition of everyone’s childhood fave, featuring a savoury hot dog and a layer of melted cheese.

Kamome Bakery Bukit Timah Cafe

The cafe has plenty of seating space, with the tables along the window being our personal fave as there’s lots of natural sunlight. It’s an idyllic spot for you to sample some tea-time pastries while catching up with friends, or getting some work done.

Kamome Bakery Bukit Timah King Albert Park

While you’re in the area, you can cafe-hop to Hello Arigato, a pet-friendly Japanese eatery serving dishes like Wagyu sandos and miso carbonara. Japanese fare isn’t the only commonly found cuisine in the neighbourhood; there are also plenty of Korean restaurants in Bukit Timah worth checking out.

Address: 913 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 589623
Opening hours: Daily 8:30am to 5:30pm
Tel: 6703 8713
Kamome Bakery is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Hor Kia Ee.
This was a media tasting at Kamome Bakery.

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