Keen’s Bagelry: Bagel Shop In Bugis Has Japanese And NYC-inspired Bagelwiches |
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Keen’s Bagelry: Bagel Shop In Bugis Has Japanese And NYC-inspired Bagelwiches

16th August 2022
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Keen’s Bagelry in Bugis


Located on a busy street in Bugis is Keen’s Bagelry, which sells Japanese and NYC-inspired bagelwiches AKA bagel sandwiches. The bagelry, which has been open for only three months, takes up a small corner of lifestyle store Curbside Crafters. The namesake cafe was started by Keen, a marketing student at Nanyang Business School who has a love for baking.


The menu at Keen’s Bagelry is simple with just five items to choose from, featuring premium ingredients such as Norwegian smoked salmon and turkey ham. Word is that the bagels are so good they easily sell out within hours after their opening time!


Alternatively, you can customise your own bagelwiches by choosing the type of bagel you want, all of which are freshly made in-house every morning. Bagel flavours include Plain, Sesame, Cheddar, and Blueberry. Then, simply pick your add-ons and schmears—their house-made Maple Butter is a popular pick.


Truffle fans can order the Hashstack ($8.50), which is packed with hashbrowns, scrambled eggs with mozzarella, and fragrant truffle mayo.


Unlike the crispy hashbrowns you get from McDonald’s, these ones were soft and not overly salty. The bagel buns were also thick and firm and did not turn soggy even after our shoot.


You can also opt to customise your very own sandwich! We went for a plain bagel ($4) packed with juicy tomatoes ($2) and cheddar ($2). Maple Butter was added at $5.50 for some light sweetness, which helped to cut through the briney salmon. The total cost for our DIY bagel added up to $13.50.

The bagels can be packed for takeaway or alternatively, be enjoyed fresh on-site at the available seats within Curbside Crafters.

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Address: 730 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198698
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 12pm to 8pm
Keen’s Baglery is not halal-certified, but uses no pork or lard

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Photos taken by Chiara Ang.

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