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5 Best Things To Eat At Malaysia’s KFC

25th April 2024

What to eat at KFC Malaysia

It’s an undisputed fact that KFC Malaysia just hits different, which makes it a popular dining pitstop for many Singaporeans visiting Malaysia for a quick trip. The chicken is juicier and bigger, they’ve got unique menu items, they serve rice and sambal—there’s so plenty to love.

If you’ve never eaten at KFC Malaysia, take this as your sign to do so. Since the menu can be overwhelming, here’s our take on the best things to try.

1. 2pc Original Recipe Chicken (RM15.99/~S$4.56)

Contrary to popular belief, the Original Recipe Chicken doesn’t taste the same wherever you get it. In Malaysia, you can expect bigger, juicier chicken pieces marinated in their secret spice blend, then deep-fried to crispy ends. It’s an easy, foolproof option, best enjoyed with a side of coleslaw, mashed potatoes, or some of their Colonel Rice.

2. Extra Spicy & Crispy Chicken (RM17.99/~S$5.13)

malaysia kfc - extra spicy chicken
Image credit: @kfcmalaysia

This takes KFC’s regular Hot & Spicy Chicken and amps up both the spice and crispiness. The marinade is a spicy, Malaysian-style chilli rub, so don’t expect ang moh spiciness here. Instead, it’s got quite a kick, and an ultra-crunchy, seasoned batter that makes it that much more shiok. 

3. Sambal Sauce (RM2.49/~S$0.70)

sambal-sauce kfc malaysia
Image credit: KFC MY

KFC Malaysia has a fair few unique sauces that you can enjoy with your fries or popcorn chicken. There’s a Spicy BBQ (RM2/~S$0.60) one, and a Jalapeño Cheese one (RM2/~S$0.60), but our favourite has got to be the Sambal Sauce (RM2.49/~S$0.70). It’s fiery, it’s sweet, and according to our reviewer, it tastes like it’s made by a makcik. If you love spice, you’ve got to get this to enjoy with your order.

4. Juicy Whole Chicken (RM34.99/S$10) 

juicy whole chicken - kfc malaysia
Image credit: @kfcmalaysia

KFC Malaysia is the only KFC we know that sells a whole spring chicken, deep-fried. For an affordable RM34.99/S$10, diners get a large spatchcocked chicken that leaves the deep fryer golden, crunchy, and super juicy. TBH, if you’re dining in a group of two or more, skip the bucket or the piece meals, and get yourself this to share instead. 

5. Colonel Rice (RM4.99/S$1.45) 

kfc malaysia colonel rice
Image credit: @kfcmalaysia

Turn your KFC meal into a fried chicken rice situation when you add the Colonel Rice as a side. This fragrant, lightly gingery rice tastes like it’s been cooked in chicken broth, making it the perfect accompaniment to your fried chicken. Add some Sambal Sauce to your order and you’ve got a 10/10 meal.

What to order at KFC Malaysia

Here’s everything you need to try at KFC Malaysia! If you want to see us try all of KFC Malaysia’s menu, watch our video below:

We Tried Everything At Malaysia's KFC! | Eatbook Tries Everything | EP 27
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We Tried Everything At Malaysia's KFC! | Eatbook Tries Everything | EP 27

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Featured image adapted from @kfcmalaysia

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