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KFC’s Meltz Returns On 25 Oct, Get Them Before It’s Too Late

20th October 2023

KFC Meltz is back on the menu for a limited time

Chipotle Meltz Stack

I still remember the KFC Meltz being my go-to meal many years ago when I was still a student. The quesadilla-inspired snack was everyone’s favourite back in those days, but sadly, they took it off the main menu more than 10 years ago. The fast food chain had brought it back a few times between then and now, but it was always a limited-time item. This time, it’s back again from 25 October 2023!

Image credit: @helloanthia

If you need further proof, check out the screenshot above, taken from when I personally DM-ed the brand.

Based on KFC’s response, the Meltz sold out in just 16 days when it returned last year. If you’re a big Meltz fan, you might want to save the date and head down earlier to your nearest KFC store on 25 October, just so you won’t get disappointed!

Chipotle ingredients

In 2020, the item was available on the KFC menu in the form of the Chipotle Meltz. This upgraded rendition came with an all-new smoky chipotle mayo, topped with the same ingredients seen in a regular Meltz: Original Recipe chicken, mozzarella and cheddar, and BBQ nachos, wrapped in a toasted tortilla.

KFC’s Meltz Is Back With An Upgrade Of Smoky Chipotle Mayo

As of now, there’s no telling what flavour the KFC Meltz will be back in this time, but we’ll update this article as soon as we get more information. Keep your eyes peeled on the KFC Singapore IG page for first dibs on the latest news!

ninja burger interaction

In related fast food news, McDonald’s Ninja Burger is back for a limited time only, along with the popular Seaweed Shaker Fries! The former stars a crispy chicken thigh slathered in sweet Nanban sauce, finished with shredded cabbage and cucumber slices. Everything is held together by fluffy charcoal buns.

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KFC is a halal-certified eatery.

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