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KFC’s Garlic Soy And Hot Sauce Wings Are Back And They Remind Us Of Korean Fried Chicken

22nd February 2024

KFC Saucy Wings are back for a limited time


KFC has just relaunched their Saucy Wings with a better recipe than before. These sweet-spicy wings reminds us of the Korean fried chicken, and they’re the perfect treat to have at parties or in the comfort of your own home. They’ll be available from 23 February 2024 at all the KFC outlets, except the ones in Singapore Zoo, Sentosa, and Singapore Polytechnic.


The Soy Garlic Wings were a slippery, fragrant mess of chunky wing meat. Upon the first bite, you would be greeted by the umami sweetness of soya sauce filling your mouth, followed by a gentle spiciness. Their Soy Garlic Wings were a three-in-one flavour bomb as they were sweet, savoury, and spicy notes all at once. No wonder they were so addictive!


If you relish a fiery challenge, make a beeline for their Hot Sauce Wings. Glazed in a vibrant red chilli sauce, these wings packed a punch. The spice lingered for a while, so be sure to pair this with a large cup of soda to mellow out the heat. But for those who can handle the spice, you will be able to enjoy the hints of sweetness that follow.

These wings are available in a 6 pieces Wings Meal Set for $11.45 with your choice of wing flavour, medium fries, and cup of Coco-Cola Zero Sugar. Alternatively, you can get them a la carte in a box of four for $5.95 or two pieces for $2.95 as an add-on to your meal. But if you cannot decide between the two flavours, you can even get a box of 12 pieces for $16.95 with both flavours included.


Given the addictive flavours of their Saucy Wings, I’m sure they will be a big hit. That being said, I’m unsure how long this offer will last, so it’s best to try them out soon! 

If you’re looking to end your meal on a sweet note, you’ll be glad to know that KFC has also relaunched their Golden Durian Mochi. You can get these little balls of durian joy at five pieces for $4.15 or 10 pieces for $8.20. They feature a crispy yet chewy mochi dough and a creamy durian filling.

KFC’s Golden Durian Mochi With D24 Is Back, Try Them Before They Sell Out Again

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KFC is a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Raelynn Ng.
This was a media drop by KFC.

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