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Get Matcha And Durian Waffles Under $3 Near Eunos MRT Station

14th February 2024

Kiasu Beancurd and Waffles has matcha and durian waffles in Eunos 

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Yanyan Guo 

Easties, listen up! If you’re craving fresh waffles with interesting flavours, look no further than Kiasu Beancurd and Waffles! The stall offers an extensive menu of waffles, soya beancurd and more at affordable prices, and is conveniently located behind Eunos MRT Station

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Serene Goh

Their bestsellers are their Pandan Waffles, with prices starting at $1.90. Made freshly upon order, these waffles are said to be chewy and have a strong pandan taste. However, the highlight is definitely the variety of fillings available, such as Cappuccino ($2.50), Strawberry Milk ($2.50), and even Black Sesame ($2.90)! A must-try flavour is the Matcha ($2.50), which is said to be creamy and slightly on the sweeter side, yet goes well with the plain pandan waffles. 

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You can also opt to add another flavour for just an additional $0.50! A unique and popular combination is the Matcha + Black Sesame ($3.00). The Black Sesame provides a nutty finish to the otherwise sweet Matcha, adding more dimensions to your waffle.

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Jieling Teo 

Wash down the waffles with their Original Soya Milk, which starts at $1.80. To spice things up, you can also choose their flavoured soya milk, which includes Almond ($2.20), Bandung ($2.70), and even Hazelnut ($3.80). If you’re a fan of chocolate, try their popular Dark Chocolate with Oreo Bits at $3.40

Kiasu Beancurd and Waffles is a five-minute walk from Eunos MRT Station. 

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Address: Block 5 Eunos Crescent, #01-2605, Singapore 400005
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12pm to 10pm
Tel: 9637 9676
Kiasu Beancurd and Waffles is not a halal-certified eatery, but uses no pork or lard.

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Feature image adapted from Rachie_rates and Serene Goh.

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