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This Hidden Gem Chicken Rice Stall In Loyang Has Long Queues, Run By Elderly Couple

2nd March 2023

Kim Seng Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice is a hidden gem in Pasir Ris

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Industrial estates aren’t the easiest location to get to, but they’re often where you’ll find a fair number of hidden gems worth the trip. Loyang Way Food Village may be small, but lunchtime sees a surprisingly large number of people forming queues for stalls such as Kim Seng Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice

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The stall has been in the food centre for the last 23 years. Run by a friendly older couple by the name of Mr and Mrs Tian, the stall uses a recipe cooked up by Mr Tian’s parents over 50 years ago. They’ve stuck to this recipe to this day, serving up plates of simple, old-school chicken rice to hungry customers.

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Kim Seng Hainanese Chicken Rice

Every day, the hawkers arrive as early as 4am to marinate chickens and prepare the various sides that come with your plate of chicken rice. From $4.50 a plate, choose from your favourite cut of steamed, deep fried, or braised chicken, served alongside fresh cucumber slices and fragrant chicken rice. You can also zhng up your dish by upgrading to a lunch set ($7) that includes vegetables, or add-on sides such as chicken wings ($2) a la carte.

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If your plate of chicken rice needs a splash of colour and heat, do add their house-made chilli for a spicy, garlicky kick. Even if you can’t take spice, add it anyway. After all, you have a whole bowl of steaming hot broth included with your order to cleanse your palate after each bite.

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Also, those with huge appetites or the need to feed a particularly large group of people should consider buying a whole chicken at $32. Your choice of braised, deep fried, or steamed chicken will be chopped up and placed on a sharing platter for your convenience. 

If you are hungry for something other than chicken rice, Kim Seng Kee offers noodle dishes too. Try their Curry Chicken Noodles ($5), which has QQ yellow noodles in a rich, red curry broth topped with a generous serving of chicken.

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Address: 64 Loyang Way, #01-20, Loyang Way Food Village, Singapore 508754
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 8am to 3pm, Sun 8am to 2pm
Tel: 8922 9569
Kim Seng Hainanese Chicken Rice is not a halal-certified eatery.

Featured image adapted from @yinfoodie.

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