Kloudbakes: IG Bakery With Pistachio Raspberry And Orh Nee Cake Rolls
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Kloudbakes: IG Bakery With Pistachio Raspberry And Orh Nee Cake Rolls

1st June 2021

Kloudbakes cake rolls

Ever since the Circuit Breaker last year, Singapore has seen numerous IG bakeries cropping up, one of them being Kloudbakes. This online store specialises in artisanal cake rolls, available for purchase during its weekly bake sales, when an order form will be put up on their Instagram bio. 

Islandwide delivery is also available, charged between $6 to $10, depending on location. This fee is waived for orders above $50. If not, you can opt for free self pick-up at a central location in Singapore.

kloudbakes cake rolls - midlay

Image credit: @foodbaby.sg

Their flavours rotate on a weekly basis. If you’d like to order flavours that aren’t listed on the date of their bake sale, you can drop them a DM to purchase at least three individual rolls or one full roll of that flavour. An individual roll is about 6cm in length, while a full roll is approximately 21cm long.

kloudbakes cake rolls - pistachio raspberry
Image credit: @foodieggy

The cake rolls at Kloudbakes are said to be light and fluffy as clouds, hence their store name. Here, you can expect interesting flavours such as the Pistachio Raspberry (from $10), made with pistachio sponge, pistachio fresh cream, raspberry panna cotta, and raspberry preserves. For something localised, there’s the Orh Nee (from $7.50), which sees taro sponge wrapped around house-made orh nee, fresh cream, and coconut panna cotta.

kloudbakes cake rolls - houjicha black ssm
Image credit: @jtkm93

Kloudbakes also has classic-flavoured cake rolls, which you’ll see at least one or two of in their weekly bake sales. These include the Houjicha Black Sesame (from $7.50), which features a hojicha fresh cream and black sesame panna cotta centre. There’s also the Pandan Kaya ($7.50), enwrapping house-made kaya-infused fresh cream and a coconut panna cotta filling. 

Kloudbakes recommends eating their cake rolls on the day of delivery or pick up, though they have a shelf life of up to three days. These are also best chilled for at least four hours before consumption.

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Feature image adapted from @foodieggy and @bellyhappytummy.

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