The Kueh Kakis In Tanjong Pagar Has Black Sesame Kueh Lapis And XL Sweet Potato Ondeh Ondeh
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This Kueh Stall In Tanjong Pagar Has Black Sesame Kueh Lapis And Tennis Ball Ondeh Ondeh

18th May 2022

The Kueh Kakis at Tanjong Pagar

Update: The Kueh Kakis is permanently closed.

Modern traditional kueh might sound oxymoronic, but at The Kueh Kakis, that is exactly what the family-run business strives for.

The Kueh Kakis Neon SignImage credit: @calorie.coma

At first glance, this small shop in Tanjong Pagar Plaza might be mistaken for an ice cream parlour or a chic bakery. Marrying a bright neon sign with a printout of the famous dragon slide, The Kueh Kakis hopes to reinvent traditional kueh as fashionable food.

Currently run by siblings, The Kueh Kakis makes their nyonya and Chinese kueh fresh every day. As everything is handmade, the kueh is only available in limited quantity on a first come first serve basis. Customers are thus recommended to place their orders in advance via WhatsApp to avoid disappointment. 

Kueh DadarImage credit: @thekuehkakis

Try their signature Kueh Dadar ($3.80 for three pieces), which is a soft, pandan crepe, filled with juicy grated coconut that has been soaked in cane sugar. 

Kueh KosuiImage credit: @thekuehkakis

If you want something chewier, get the Kueh Kosui ($3.80 for three pieces). Firm yet bouncy, The Kueh Kakis’ Kueh Kosui is made with gula melaka and grated coconut. The kueh is not too sweet, which keeps it from being too jelak.

Soon KuehImage credit: @thekuehkakis

For a savoury option, the Soon Kueh ($3.80 for two pieces) makes for a good tea-time snack. Jicama, AKA turnip, is sliced into strips, before it’s stewed with dried shrimp and shiitake mushrooms for extra umami notes.

All of The Kueh Kakis’ kueh are available for $3.80 a box, and $11 for three

Tennis OndehImage credit: Angelina Cyl

The Tennis Ondeh is also one of The Kueh Kakis’ best selling items. Biting into the thin skin causes a sweet-savoury gula melaka syrup to squirt out, creating a symphony of textures and flavours. 

Due to how much time and effort it takes to make the Tennis Ondeh, these gigantic balls are no longer available for purchase off the display shelves. Instead, customers can contact the store directly to make a special order for them. Customised gift boxes for corporate functions, baby showers, and other types of events can also be arranged. 

They’ve also recently expanded the menu to include more mod-flavoured kuehs, including Black Sesame and Pandan Kueh Lapis, on top of their usual rainbow offering. These have kueh batter infused with their respective flavours, offering unique twists on the classic.

If looking at these kueh evoke a pang of nostalgia in you, be sure to check out Uncle Lee Confectionery in Bugis for old-school cakes and cookies. Otherwise, check out Ri Xin Snack Delights that has been selling ang ku kueh under $1 for the past 70 years!

Address: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-20, Singapore 082001
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am to 7pm
Tel: 8899 0375
The Kueh Kakis is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Featured image adapted from @calorie.coma and @thekuehkakis’ posts.

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