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This Churros Kiosk Has Chocolate Raspberry And Matcha Flavours In Jewel Changi

8th June 2022

La Lola Churreria at Jewel Changi Airport


The classic churro—fried dough sprinkled with cinnamon sugar—is already plenty addictive. With the various flavours and dips you can get at La Lola Churreria, however, it may be even more difficult to stop yourself from overdosing on sugar.


Located in Basement 2 of Jewel Changi Airport, La Lola Churreria is a kiosk that offers Spanish churros and sandwiches. The churros are fried upon order using what is said to be pure olive oil, so you can enjoy them fresh and hot in the common eating area that all the surrounding kiosks share.


If this is your first time trying La Lola Churreria, then the Ultimate Mix (six pieces for $9.90) comes highly recommended. In this box of churros, you are treated to all their offerings: along with the basic Clasicos, you get one Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Strawberry, Matcha and Dark Choco Raspberry churro each.


Our favourite was the Dark Choco Raspberry flavour. The mild bitterness of its dark chocolate coating balanced out the sweet churro, and the hints of raspberry flavour brought extra oomph to the table.


As for condiments, the kiosk offers six types of dips, all of which cost $3 each. While the Signature Dip delivers the classic churro and chocolate experience, you can go for bolder flavours such as Matcha and Purple Yam. The latter, in particular, was excellent—sweet and slightly earthy, the purple yam’s flavours complemented most of the churros well.


For something heartier, you can try one of La Lola Churreria’s ciabatta sandwiches. The Salmon and Cream Cheese with Truffle Honey ($8.50) is a great pick, especially with its generous slices of smoked salmon that were lifted by the earthy scent of truffle and honey’s gentle sweetness.


There are non-ciabatta sandwiches as well, namely the Madrid ($5.50) and Barcelona Sandwich ($8.50). As someone who usually roots for the team in blue and red during El Clásico matches, I tried the latter and came away thoroughly impressed. The sandwich’s savoury serrano ham combined well with the rich mozzarella cheese, and the well-grilled bread made it a pleasingly crunchy experience.

For great halal food in Jewel, read our Halal Food Places At Jewel Changi Airport guide. As for more delectable churros, check out our Chulop review.

Address: 78 Airport Boulevard, #B2-274, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 11am to 9:30pm, Fri-Sun 10am to 9:30pm
La Lola Churreria is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Zu Yi Kong.
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