LiHO Now Has Hong Kong-Style Egglets, With Original And Chicken Floss Flavours
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LiHO Now Has Hong Kong-Style Egglets, With Original And Chicken Floss Flavours

19th August 2021

Egglets at LiHO TEA

ad LiHoImage credit: LiHO TEA SingaporeĀ 

Now, a visit to LiHO TEA will not only satisfy your bubble tea cravings, but also fill your tummy. The newest addition of crispy egglets on their menu lets you choose between two flavours: Original Egglet ($2.80), or Egglet with Chicken Floss ($3.60).Ā 

egglets at LiHoImage credit: LiHO TEA SingaporeĀ 

Expect these freshly made egg waffles to be crispy on the outside, but soft and chewy on the inside. The Egglet with Chicken Floss features a plain egglet coated with a savoury-sweet layer of chicken floss, and a decadent, fluffy interior.Ā 

marble black truffle latteImage credit: LiHO TEA SingaporeĀ 

Apart from the egglets, LiHO TEA has also released a new black truffle series, which includes three unique drinks. Their Marble Black Truffle Latte ($5.50) is light on the palate, with its green milk tea base swirled with a truffle blend, resulting in an IG-worthy marbling effect.

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Velvety Black Truffle CheezHO OolongImage credit: LiHO TEA SingaporeĀ 

Their Velvety Black Truffle CheezHO Oolong ($6.50) features fragrant oolong tea, topped with a layer of truffle-infused cheese foam, along with crunchy Oreo bits for extra texture.Ā 

fudgy black truffle chocolateImage credit: LiHO TEA SingaporeĀ 

Finally, the Fudgy Black Truffle Chocolate ($6.50) is a rich chocolate drink paired with aromatic truffle. It’s finished with a serving of whipped cream on the top, as well as addictive Lotus Biscoff biscuit pieces.Ā 

Do note that their egglets are currently only available at seven outlets in Singapore. More details on the locations can be found on their Facebook page.Ā 

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