Little Red Dot: Traditional Bakery In Commonwealth With House-Made Mochi, Pizza And More
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Little Red Dot: Traditional Bakery In Commonwealth With House-Made Mochi, Pizza And More

27th September 2021

Little Red Dot Bakery in Commonwealth

Though trendy new baked goods pop up every day, old-school bakeries in Singapore remain near and dear to our hearts. If you live in Commonwealth and are hungry for some nostalgic sugar doughnuts, hotdog buns and the like, check out Little Red Dot Bakery.

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Little Red Dot Bakery is only two years old, but its interior is all old-school charm, with wood-lined display cases of baked goods, and red-lidded containers of snacks on sale. All their items are baked fresh daily, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

little red dot bakery interior
Image credit: Little Red Dot Bakery

Most of their bread items are priced at around $1.70. This includes their staple Hotdog Bun, Coconut Bun, Red Bean Bun, and others.

pandan chiffon cake
Image credit: Little Red Dot Bakery

While the prices are slightly steeper than other neighbourhood bakeries, there’s the dedication to quality ingredients here that can’t be ignored.

little red dot bakery hotdog buns
Image credit: Little Red Dot Bakery

The bakery also offers other housemade specialities apart from buns. These include their Red Bean Mochi ($2.50 for three), made with QQ, thicker mochi skin for extra-chewiness, and a housemade red bean paste filled with some whole beans for bite.

little red dot bakery mochiImage credit: @breadboooo

There’s also a selection of made-to-order pizzas, in flavours such as Chicken Pizza Ham ($9.80), and Vegetable Pizza ($8.90). Each pizza yields eight slices.

little red dot bakery pizza
Image credit: Little Red Dot Bakery

Dining in is also available here, so you can opt to enjoy your baked goods with a drink. They have a house-made Pearl Milk Tea ($3), Passion Fruit Lemon Tea ($5.90), and many more to choose from. Freshly made toast, including Ham & Cheese ($2.50), and the open-faced Denmark Toast ($4), are sold as dine-in items too—great for tea time!

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Address: Blk 169 Stirling Road, #01-1165, Singapore 140169
Opening hours: Daily 8am to 9pm
Tel: 6473 4336

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Feature image adapted from Little Red Dot Bakery


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