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Get Mamee Monster’s Limited-Edition Hainanese Chicken Rice Flavour From Now Till November 2019

22nd August 2019

Try Mamee Hainanese Chicken Rice Noodle Snack

Mamee - Flatlay

Agree to disagree but Mamee Noodles Snack was the OG shaker snack. This snack was a huge part of my childhood years, and I fondly remember sharing a packet with friends. As impatient kids, we would all jam our hands into the packet to grab whatever bits we could.

I loved the seasoning powder so much, I would sometimes add a second sachet in. Using all my might, I’d crunch the block of noodles into bits, before shaking the packet vigorously to evenly coat every bit.

Mamee - Rice noodle

Now, the Blue Monster is back with a local twist. Relive your childhood and get hold of their first ever Singapore-exclusive flavour—Hainanese Chicken Rice Noodle Snack. This flavour celebrates both Singapore’s 54th birthday and Mamee’s 49 years of history.

Mamee - Seasoning powder

Hainanese chicken rice is a staple dish in Singapore’s hawker scene, so it’s only apt that Mamee chose this flavour to represent Singapore. The savoury flavours, with hints of ginger and lime, in this Mamee Noodle Snack was a familiar taste that reminded me of the chilli sauce used in chicken rice

Mamee - Crunch

As with all things exclusive, this flavour is only available between August and mid-November 2019. You can find them in stores such as FairPrice, Sheng Siong, Cheers, and Prime. If you prefer shopping from the comfort of your home, there’s also the option of RedMart.

Mamee - Packet

You can easily share the happiness and nostalgia with friends and family, as this exclusive flavour comes in a Family Size of eight packets. You’ll get your money’s worth as the family pack only sets you back $2.30. Furthermore, each seasoning pack has 20% more seasoning powder than the OG Chicken and BBQ flavours, which means more tasty goodness. 

Find out more about Mamee here!

Photos taken by Faith Toh.
This post is brought to you by Mamee.

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