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McDonald’s Popular Sweet Paprika Chicken McCrispy Returns, Has New Burger Version Too

5th March 2024

McDonald’s has a new Sweet Paprika Chicken Burger

mcdonalds sweet paprika chicken burger and mccrispy

We may have had to bid McDonald’s Prosperity Burger farewell once more. But before you even get the chance to miss it, there’s a new flavour-packed crispy burger to sink your teeth into. Introducing McDonald’s Sweet Paprika Chicken Burger, available at all outlets from 7 March 2024 onwards. This new menu item shares the familiar batter from the crispy Sweet Paprika Chicken McCrispy you may remember from last year, which is also making a return. 

chicken mccrispy wrap

If this news excites you, make sure to mark your calendar for a special event that McDonald’s is hosting for fried chicken lovers. On 9 and 10 March 2024, 11am to 5pm, customers can head to McDonald’s Kallang restaurant to get their items “skinned”. Crispy fried chicken skinned, that is.

mccrispy water bottle

There’ll be a range of custom skins to adorn your belongings with, be it your phone, laptop, water bottle, or notebook. No minimum spend is required, so just head down and get your things crispi-fied.

sweet paprika mccrispy mcdonalds

Now, back to the latest on McDonald’s menu: the OG Sweet Paprika Chicken McCrispy makes a comeback. 

mccrispy with a bite

It has everything we Singaporeans know and love about the McCrispy—a satisfying crunch, delicious batter, and succulent chicken drumstick and thigh—amplified with punchy paprika. Enjoy this with an Extra Value Meal, priced from $9.05. Otherwise, if you’re dining with a group, you can enjoy a six-piece Value Bundle from $22.30.

sweet paprika chicken burger mcdonalds

On to the Sweet Paprika Chicken Burger, which you can enjoy as part of an Extra Value Meal from $8.70. Fluffy glazed buns sandwich a juicy hunk of Sweet Paprika fried chicken. The crispy patty is accompanied by creamy cajun mayo and shredded lettuce to cut through the richness. 

sweet paprika chicken burger

It’s smoky, subtly sweet, and has a whisper of heat to it. That means spice wimps like myself who usually K.O from McSpicy will have nothing to worry about. The zingy and slightly smoky paprika marinade tinges the juicy thigh meat red, announcing loud and proud how tasty it’s going to be.

mcdonalds twister fries

Another fan favourite returns: Twister Fries, priced from $4.70 for the medium size, and from $5.15 for the large! No need to be bummed out about Prosperity Twister Fries season ending because the curly, battered goodness of these fries is here to stay. For a lil more, at least, so grab ‘em while you still can.

pineapple coconut frappe

In a genius pairing, McDonald’s is keeping the well-loved Pineapple Coconut Frap on their menu this promo period—a carryover from their CNY Prosperity Menu. You can get the frappé from $4.70 for the small size, or from $5.25 for the medium size.

mcdonalds pineapple frappe

Mexicans commonly enjoy tropical fruits with Tajin, a lime and chilli pepper-based spice mix. That’s the first thing I thought of when I took a sip of the tangy pineapple slushy in between chomping on the Sweet Paprika Chicken McCrispy and the new Chicken Burger. The combo defo works, and the touch of coconut also makes the drink even smoother and more refreshing.

mcdonalds pineapple pie

For dessert, keep the tropical vibe going with the Pineapple Pie (from $1.80). It features the shatteringly crispy flaky pastry shell of McDonald’s classic Apple Pie that we all grew up loving, now with a pineapple filling. 

mcdonalds pineapple pie bite shot

Warm pineapple sauce oozing with each bite—what’s not to love? @McD’s fans who’ve tried out their other remixes like the Cocoa-nut Pie and Mango Pie, y’all need to add the Pineapple Pie to your list as well.

mcdonalds sweet paprika mccrispy verdict shot

Amidst all this feasting, don’t forget to swing by McDonald’s Kallang for the custom skins event. The crispy fried chicken custom skins look good enough to eat, and will rep your diehard passion for this comfort food nicely. Just take care not to chomp into your belongings for real. 

Try out McDonald’s Sweet Paprika Chicken McCrispy and Chicken Burger!

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McDonald’s is a halal-certified eatery.

Photos taken by Casandra Nicholas.
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