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McDonald’s New McMuffin Stack Comes With Two Patties And Chicken Bacon

10th July 2019
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McMuffin Stack from McDonald’s

McMuffin Stack - Flatlay

Hot on the heels of the McSpicy Deluxe, McDonald’s has recently zhnged-up the McMuffin with the brand new McMuffin Stack. The burger maxes out in the savoury department, with two sausage patties, melted cheddar cheese, a sunny-side up egg, and crispy chicken bacon strips. 

All those decadent ingredients are sandwiched between toasted whole grain muffins, so you’ll get the familiar texture of a McMuffin with a wayyy meatier taste.

McMuffin Stack - Hearty

As you grasp it in your palm, you’ll realise that this burger is a hearty breakfast option; it’s about as thick as a regular McSpicy. So two hands are definitely needed to conquer this beast.

McMuffin Stack - Bacon

Enticing you even further are the long, glistening bacon strips, which top the two juicy sausage patties and jut out quite a bit—proving that the “Stack” in its name isn’t just for show.

McMuffin Stack - Two Patties

Thankfully, the burger’s taste matches its enticing look. Every mouthful was an assault on my umami receptors. The contrasting textures of the bacon and patty highlighted the juiciness of the meat which I loved. In fact, I started feeling full halfway into the burger!

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McMuffin Stack - Meal

You can sink your teeth into this towering delight from just $5.30! If you’re feeling ravenous, spring for the Extra Value Meal (from $6.50) which comes with a hashbrown or corn cup, along with coffee and tea. And in case it wasn’t obvious, the burger will only be available during breakfast hours.

That being said, you might wanna grab the McMuffin Stack ASAP as it will only be available for a limited  time. Do note that you won’t be able to get the McMuffin Stack at the LIDO and Singapore Science Centre outlets.

McSpicy Deluxe - Extra Value Meal

While you’re at McDonald’s, be sure to check out their other new menu items such as the McSpicy Deluxe ($5.90), Creamy Herb Chicken Pie ($1), and Bandung Cone ($1). The new McSpicy variant features loads of relish, giving it a tangy taste. My personal favourite of the bunch is the bandung soft-serve that’s uber rich and creamy.

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Find out more about the new McMuffin Stack!

Photos taken by Reynard Lee and Cindy Yong.
This post is brought to you by McDonald’s.

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