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Mister Donut Review: Famous Japanese Mochi Doughnuts In SG-Exclusive Flavours At Junction 8

5th February 2024

Mister Donut has famous mochi doughnuts in Junction 8


If you’re looking for a light snack in Junction 8, there are few options better than Mister Donut, located in the mall’s second floor.


For the uninitiated, Mister Donut is a popular doughnuts chain that’s a titan in Japan, with over 900 outlets in the country alone. Its two outlets in Singapore, in Bishan and Novena, are also popular among residents in the area.


But how do the doughnuts actually taste? Let’s find out.

Food at Mister Donut

Mister Donut is most known for their Pon De Ring, a Japanese-style doughnut featuring eight balls made with tapioca flour—this gives them a texture that’s reminiscent of mochi.

Since the store has a Singapore-exclusive Pon De Ring flavour, we decided to try that first.


The Pon De Ring Chocolate ($2.50) is a rendition that’ll impress any fan of chocolate-based doughnuts—and as someone who typically opts for other flavours, this particular piece won me over.


The combination of its chocolatey glaze with a chewy, mochi-like texture immediately elevated it past your run-off-the-mill doughnuts. It wasn’t too sweet or too bitter, either, so overall I’d say that this is quite the well-constructed and balanced treat.


The Strawberry Chocolate ($2.50) is another Singapore-exclusive, and even though it does not have the Pon De Ring’s unique texture, it was arguably better in terms of taste.


With its dark chocolate flavour, the rich and slightly bitter taste of this doughnut was balanced out by the sweet strawberry glazing on the top half of the doughnut. This glazing was very sweet on its own, but it served as a nice contrast to the dark chocolate. It was also soft, airy, and a joy to eat overall.

Aside from their Pon De Ring options, Mister Donut Singapore will offer other global takes on the ringed treat.


There’s the Angel French Cruller ($2.50), a braided, deep-fried doughnut made with a denser, cake-like dough and glazed with sugar. It’s undoubtedly a sinful treat with half of it dipped in a sweet chocolate coating and the other half sprinkled with icing sugar.


However, to our pleasant surprise, we also found fresh whipped cream inside, which added hints of milkiness. Another plus point was that the doughnut texture was light and airy, so we didn’t feel jelak too quickly.


We were also excited to try the more traditional Honey Dip Yeast Donuts ($2.30). However, this turned out to be one of the more disappointing flavours, as it didn’t have a whole lot going for it aside from the soft texture and slight fermented flavour. There wasn’t much of a honey presence in this doughnut despite the name, either.

Ambience at Mister Donut

Mister Donut occupies a small stall in Junction 8, and doesn’t have any seats—you’ll have to order your doughnuts to go. The stall itself is pretty nice, however, with clean wood and brick furnishing and a nice display rack that features the many different flavours that the brand has to offer.

Mister Donut is a four-minute walk from Bishan MRT Station.

The verdict

While Mister Donut’s offerings aren’t exactly exceptional, they are unique enough that they are worth checking out. If you only had to try one dish, give the Pon De Ring doughnuts a shot for their wonderful texture.

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Address: 9 Bishan Place, #02-27A, Junction 8, Singapore 579837
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 8:30pm
Mister Donut is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Tan Jia Hui.
This was a media tasting at Mister Donut.

Mister Donut Review: Famous Japanese Mochi Doughnuts In SG-Exclusive Flavours At Junction 8
  • 7/10
    Mister Donut Review: Famous Japanese Mochi Doughnuts In SG-Exclusive Flavours At Junction 8 - 7/10


– Pon De Ring doughnuts have a pleasing, mochi-like texture
– The Strawberry Chocolate and Angel French Cruller are delicious and well-made

– Honey Dip Yeast Donuts was rather ordinary

Recommended dishes: Pon De Ring Chocolate ($2.50), Strawberry Chocolate ($2.50), Angel French Cruller ($2.50)

Opening hours: TBD

Address: 9 Bishan Place, #02-27A, Junction 8, Singapore 579837

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