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Nesuto: Japanese-Inspired Patisserie By Ex-Hotel Pastry Chef With Famous Tiramisu And More

13th June 2023

Nesuto is a Japanese-inspired patisserie in Tanjong Pagar

nesuto - introImage credit: @_rainbowtoastt

Nestled along Tras Street is Nesuto, a Japanese-inspired patisserie that has won the hearts of fans with their IG-worthy desserts.

Run by baker and founder Alicia Wong, who spent six years as a pastry chef at Capella Singapore before venturing out on her own, Nesuto is now well into their sixth year of business.

nesuto - tiramisuImage credit: @feedmethatnow

The signature cakes at Nesuto include their varation of the famous Italian dessert, Tiramisu ($13.50++), where lady finger sponges are soaked in a combination of Kahlua and Marsala liqueur, and layered with mascarpone.

nesuto - tiramisu spoonImage credit: @feedmethatnow

This jarred dessert is finished with chocolate bits, and comes with a pipette of more Kahlua and Marsala liqueur syrup, just in case you think you need an extra alcoholic kick.

nesuto - konnichiwa hojicha sliceImage credit: @sharwithu

If you’re a hojicha fan, definitely don’t skip Nesuto’s Konichiwa Hōjicha ($11.90++), which stars the roasted Japanese tea as a ganache, Chantilly cream, and vanilla souffle sponge. ICYMI, Nesuto is famed for their light-as-air chiffon cake layers, which makes indulging in their bakes that much easier.

nesuto - goma cakeImage credit: @foodietwoshoessg

Another classic Japanese flavour that you’ll find in cake form is Japanese Goma ($11.90++). Cut into this cake for Japanese black sesame creme diplomat, which is pastry cream and whipped cream, a BSSM chiffon sponge, and goma streusel topping it off.

nesuto - yuzu raspberryImage credit: @ruhnaynayeats

Strawberry shortcakes are immensely popular in Japan, and Nesuto takes on this classic dessert with their own seasonal Strawberry Shortcake ($11.90++). A mainstay on the menu is Yuzu Raspberry ($11.20++), a pretty pink and yellow cake frosted with raspberry Chantilly cream, with a vanilla souffle sponge, raspberry bits, and yuzu mousse within.

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nesuto - entremet boxImage credit:

If you’re looking for smaller entremets, they’ve got the Joie Box ($72.36) on the delivery menu, which comes as a set of six dainty, beautiful cakes.

There’s Pecan VanilleMarron CassisSuzette, inspired by Alicia’s time at Capella and the classic French crepes Suzette dessert, Queen IspahanCitron Pistache, and Chocolat Vanille. Each of these entremets is priced at $11.90++ each in the cafe, and is subject to daily availability.

For more desserts in Tanjong Pagar, check out Elijah Pies and their first dine-in space! Otherwise, there’s also Cake Spade, which recently moved back to the area.

If you want a little BTS peek into the Nesuto kitchen, watch our video below:

Address: 53 Tras Street, #01-01, Singapore 078992
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12pm to 10pm, Sun 12pm to 6pm
Tel: 6980 5977
Nesuto is not a halal-certified eatery

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Feature image adapted from @sharwithu, @feedmethatnow, @_rainbowtoastt

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