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NISSIN Has New Collagen Hotpot Cup Noodles For A Limited Time

2nd April 2024

Nissin launches limited-edition collagen hotpot cup noodles

nissin-collagen-hotpot-imageImage credit: @nissinfoodssingapore

NISSIN just dropped a game changer for all the instant noodle fans out there:  Collagen Hotpot Cup Noodles (from $1.68)! Available from 2 April 2024 at most major supermarkets and convenience stores, this limited-edition flavour is said to be inspired by the popular hotpot soup base it is named after.

In terms of taste, NISSIN describes these cup noodles as having a “rich, deeply flavoured chicken broth with a tinge of smooth and creamy collagen”. You can look forward to a generous mix of ingredients in each cup, a nod towards how bountiful real hotpots usually are.

nissin-collagen-hotpot-cupImage credit: @nissinfoodssingapore

Like all NISSIN Cup Noodles products, you just need hot water and three minutes of your time to prepare this dish. Since this is a limited-time-only product, be sure to try it as soon as you can!

In other NISSIN news, the brand has collaborated with JUMBO Seafood to launch the NISSIN JUMBO Seafood Bowl Chilli Crab Flavour (from $3.01).

NISSIN Collabs With JUMBO Seafood To Launch New Chilli Crab Instant Noodles

Unlike the Collagen Hotpot Cup Noodles, which come with a thick, creamy broth, the NISSIN JUMBO Seafood Bowl Chilli Crab Flavour is meant to be eaten dry. You’re meant to mix the noodles with a chilli paste that’s tangy, punchy and slightly tomatoey, which we found to be quite a delicious combination.

If you’re curious to try another interesting Cup Noodles collaboration, look no further than the NISSIN IRVINS Bowl Mala Salted Egg Flavour. This dish marries punchy, numbing mala spice with the creaminess of salted egg yolk to create a shiok, fuss-free meal that will satisfy you at all hours.

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Feature image adapted from @nissinfoodssingapore.

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