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Old Chang Kee Now Has Nacho Cheese Puffs And Spicy Cheese Wings

1st November 2019

Cheese puff and spicy cheese wings at Old Chang Kee

Old Chang Kee - Cheesy Curry Chicken'O Puff
Image credit: Old Chang Kee Singapore

Even though I don’t frequent Old Chang Kee as often as I used to, I still am fond of their flaky puffs which come in tantalising fillings including curry chicken, mushroom, and sardines. Joining them as the festive season approaches is a brand-new flavour, Cheesy Curry Chicken’O puff.

Packed with nacho cheese and classic curry chicken filling, these new puffs are great for cheese lovers! Take a bite out of the buttery, flaky pastry shell and let that flowy cheese ooze out. Each piece costs $2 but since you’ll keep going back for more, you might as well get two puffs for $3.60!

Old Chang Kee - Spicy Cheese Wings
Image credit: Old Chang Kee Singapore

Old Chang Kee is kickstarting this festive season with not one, but two new items on their menu. Chilli lovers should not give the new Spicy Cheese Mid Joint Wings ($3.50 for a cup of six) a miss. These wings are deep-fried to a golden brown and powdered with a spicy cheese seasoning. 

As these latest snacks are only valid for a limited time only, don’t wait till Christmas to get your hands on them. Head down to the nearest outlet to get a taste of this delicious fried goodness.

For more cheesy goodness, have a go at making your own Samyang mac & cheese. You won’t have to slog in the kitchen for hours, as this quick recipe only takes 20 minutes. If you have a high tolerance for spice, don’t feel shy to go beyond the recommended serving of Samyang Hot & Spicy sauce.

Featured image adapted from Old Chang Kee Singapore.

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