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Get Dry Laksa, Fried Mee Tai Mak And More At This Bedok Hawker Stall

13th April 2023

Omage Foods sells fried mee tai mak in Bedok 85

Omage Foods - storefront
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Bedok 85 Feng Shan Hawker Centre is undoubtedly one of Singapore’s most popular hawker centres—known for the famous bak chor mee, BBQ stingray, orh luak stalls and more. However, few know of Omage Foods, a lesser known stall in the hawker centre that serves up delicious dry laksa, mee tai mak, and house-made spreads.

Before setting up shop at Bedok 85 Feng Shan Hawker Centre, Omage Foods began as a home business selling cakes and kaya spreads. Since then, they’ve expanded their menu to include savoury mains that have quickly become popular among their customers. Their name, a play on the word ‘homage,’ reflects their commitment to providing simple yet delicious food to their customers.

Omage Foods - Mee Tai Mak
Image credit: @ahpekeats

Omage Food’s signature item is their Mee Tai Mak ($4.50/$5.50/$6.50), which is a must-try for customers. This dish features mee tai mak AKA mouse noodles stir-fried with century eggs, mushroom, fishcake, chives, and minced pork. What sets their version apart from the rest is the house-made rempah that coats all the ingredients, providing a burst of flavour and wok hei with every mouthful.

Omage Foods - hei zhou
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You can also choose to zhng up your dish by adding Hei Zhou ($3 for three pieces) AKA prawn rolls. These prawn rolls feature juicy prawns stuffed within a crispy beancurd skin, making it a perfect accompaniment to the mee tai mak.

Omage Foods - Dry Laksa
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In addition to their popular mee tai mak, they also offer Dry Laksa ($4.50/$5.50/$6.50). It is topped with bean sprouts, tau pok, sliced fish cake, hard-boiled egg, prawns, and laksa leaves. This dry laksa is said to be just the right amount of spicy, with a flavoursome kick that makes this dish extremely moreish—even for those with a low spice tolerance. 

Omage Foods - dry mee siam
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Alternatively, you can go for their Dry Mee Siam ($4.50/$5.50/$6.50). This comes with all the usual suspects that you’d get in a bowl of soupy mee siam, with its tangy flavour profile making it great for something lighter than laksa.

Omage Foods - kaya
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You can also get Omage Food’s house-made spreads at their stall too. You can go for the traditional Original Kaya ($8) or Gula Melaka Spread ($10), both of which are made using fresh pandan and coconut. The Original Kaya also has a Sugar-Free ($12) option for those who are health-conscious. For something more unique, try their Kalamansi Curd ($12), which is said to have a good balance of sweet and tart. 

If you’re a fan of laksa, check out 928 Yishun Laksa, a popular store near Yishun MRT Station which sells laksa for only $3. Alternatively, if you’re around the neighbourhood, consider visiting Ding Gua Gua Fried Rice, which is opened by an ex-Din Tai Fung chef!

Address: 85 Bedok North Street 4, #01-69, Bedok 85 Market, Singapore 460085
Opening hours: Thurs-Tues 7am to 2pm
Tel: 9654 0848
Omage Food is not a halal-certified eatery. 

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Feature image adapted from @ahpekeats.

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