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Ong Shun Seafood Restaurant: Halal Moonlight Hor Fun And Cheap Seafood In Johor Bahru

21st December 2023

Ong Shun Seafood Restaurant JB

jb zi char - ong shun seafood flatlay

We featured Ong Shun Seafood Restaurant in our JB zi char roundup, but in case you missed it, you really ought to check out this zi char eatery in Johor Bahru for extra affordable eats. What’s more, they’re halal-certified, and have a staggering number of items on the menu!

ong shun seafood - storefront

Housed in a standalone structure, Ong Shun Seafood Restaurant has a rustic, casual vibe. There are smaller square tables for smaller groups, and large, round ones perfect for extended gatherings.

ong shun seafood - moonlight hor fun

A favourite zi char dish nowadays is moonlight hor fun, topped with its distinctive raw yolk that you’re meant to mix into the hot noodles. Here at Ong Shun Seafood Restaurant, the Moonlight Kuey Tiao is priced from RM8.50, or approximately S$2.40 for a small portion that would easily satisfy up to two diners. At just RM19/~S$5.40, the largest plate would be suitable for anywhere from six to eight.

Other zi char noodle dishes you could consider include Claypot Silver Noodles, Hokkien Mee, or Cantonese Crispy Sheng Mee (from RM8.50/~S$2.40); there are 11 types of fried rice you could choose from otherwise!

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If you’re dining here alone, or just looking for a quick dish and rice combo where everyone gets to pick their own stuff, Ong Shun Seafood Restaurant’s got you covered too: prices start from RM8.50/~S$2.40 for chicken and rice—there are 17 chicken sides to choose from. Then you have Sliced FishSotong, or Beef (from RM10/~S$2.90) and Prawn (from RM14/~S$4)!

jb zi char - ong shun seafood sharks fin soup

We were most surprised to see Shark Fin with Dry Scallop and Crabmeat (from RM26/~S$7.40) on the menu here, at under $10 for a generous bowl. This came as a gooey, tasty, egg drop-laced bowl, with chunks of crab meat, shreds of conpoy, and actual wedges of shark fin—rather than loose pieces.

ong shun seafood - butter cream prawn

Whatever seafood or meat you feel like having for your meal at Ong Shun Seafood Restaurant, the last thing you could ever say is there’s a lack of variety: as with the options you’d get with rice, there are easily 10 ways or sauces you could choose from for each protein. The Butter Cream Prawn (from RM26/~S$7.40) is just one of 16 such options.

ong shun seafood - salted egg squid

Going for fried salted egg dishes could mean one of two things: the salted egg yolk is fried into the batter, or it comes as a salted egg gravy. Here, it’s the latter, should you choose Salted Egg Squid (from RM16/~S$4.60).

ong shun seafood - tulip sauce clam

On top of the multitude of sauce choices, there are plenty of seafood and meat options too: grouper, red snapper, sea bass, tilapia, cod, crab, crayfish, sea cucumber, venison, chicken, beef—you name it, they might have it. Try their Tulip Sauce Clams (from RM15/~S$4.30), AKA kam heong, a lightly spicy blend typically featuring curry powder, dried shrimp, and other aromatics.

If you prefer restaurant-style dining, consider heading to Restoran New Lucky Seafood instead. For hawker food, we’ve also sussed out 18 Johor Bahru hawker eats for your next trip.

Address: 67, Jalan Abdul Samad, Kampung Bahru, 80100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 1pm to 1am, Sun 1pm to 12am
Tel: +60 7-223 8953
Ong Shun Seafood Restaurant is a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Brad Harrison Lee.
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