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This Home-Based Bakery Has Legit Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza By An Ex-Restaurant Chef

18th March 2024

Palmer’s Pizzeria is a home-based bakery offering Chicago deep-dish pizza

Since the deep-dish pizza from Gino’s East x Tenderfresh pop-up was so popular, here’s another way to try the Chicago-style pizza pie here in Singapore. Helmed by an ex-restaurant chef from America, Palmer’s Pizzeria is a home-based business serving legit Chicago deep-dish pizza. 


Chef and owner Chris VanWinkle earned his chops from his grandma with whom he shares the love of deep-dish pizza. After years of culinary experience in five-star restaurants and private dining establishments, he started this home-based business to be a stay-at-home dad and help his children through PSLE. 

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They offer three types of freshly made deep dish pizza in two sizes: six-inch and nine-inch. We tried the Nine-Inch Cheese Chicago Deep Dish Pizza ($42) first, which comprised an abundance of cheese and tomato sauce. 


Chef Chris told us that the cheese was added before the sauce so that it would not burn while baking in the oven. This resulted in an amazing cheese pull that stretched higher than what we expected. FYI, the sauce was made from tomatoes which were hand-picked and canned on the spot in Italy. 


He also told us that cornmeal was used in the dough and that its preparation was more akin to making American biscuits than the regular pizza dough. This is why the crust was different from the ones we are used to; the crispier and toastier texture was a good contrast to the saucy mess of the filling. 


The Six-Inch Italian Sausage Chicago Deep Dish Pizza ($23) was every meat lover’s dream as it was generously topped with minced pork. This meat sauce was cooked for eight hours before being added to the pizza. We also liked that the sausage bits were so juicy and peppery. 


Free with every order of pizza are Palmer’s Pickles and Palmer’s Pickled Pepper! The pickle recipe was passed down for seven generations and is meant to be eaten with the pizza to temper any greasiness. These had a nice crunch, and we liked that the pickled pepper was not super spicy. Plus, it added an extra kick of tang to the tomato sauce. 


To end your meal on a sweet note, you can get the Nutella & Chocolate Chip Deep Dish Pizza ($25) which is Chef Chris’ creation. To our surprise, this was the most popular item on the menu! The buttery goodness from the chunky streusel and the melty Nutella underneath had us impressed. 


To make your order or view the full menu, head to their Instagram page. The pizzeria offers island-wide delivery but if you live nearby, you can opt for self-collection at Bedok South.

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Tel: 6504 0326
Palmer’s Pizzeria is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Daryl Lim and Kaedynce Chew.
This was a media drop by Palmer’s Pizzeria. 

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