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10 Redhill Food Centre Stalls Including Claypot Curry, Satay Beehoon And Curry Rice

9th February 2018

Have a feast at Redhill Food Centre

Surrounded by blocks of towering HDB flats, Redhill Food Centre is hidden from plain sight – those who don’t stay around the area are simply unaware of its existence. Convenient to get to, as it’s just a stone’s throw away from Redhill MRT Station, this treasure trove of cheap and good food renders a trip down with the family on the weekends.

1. Yan Fried Bee Hoon

Redhill Food Centre - Yan Fried Bee Hoon
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Redhill Food Centre is home to old-school stalls such as Yan Fried Bee Hoon. A plate of bee hoon only costs $0.60 and a fried chicken wing is only $1.20. The bee hoon is not clumpy and does not leave a greasy trail, while the wings are crunchy and marinated well. Furthermore, with the perennial queue, new batches of chicken wings are constantly being fried up, so you can rest assured your wings are always crispy.

Unit number: #01-19
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 1pm to 9pm

2. Fu Ming Cooked Food

Redhill Food Centre - Fu Ming Cooked Food1
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Fu Ming Cooked Food is my go-to stall for satisfying carrot cake. At only $2, you get a terrific agreement of different textures – an almost melt-in-the-mouth soft radish cake, smooth egg, and mysterious bits that are slightly charred and caramelised. Sensorial pleasures aside, the proof of the pudding is as always, in the eating. Head down to Fu Ming for their sweet black carrot cake, or savoury white one.

Unit number: #01-49
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 3pm to 1am, Sun 6am to 1am

3. Jia Xiang

Redhill Food Centre - Jia Xiang

Jia Xiang serves only two dishes: Mee Siam and Lontong. At $3 a bowl, they are my number one choice for a hearty meal with a kick of heat. The lontong is jazzed up by house-made chilli done in two ways, a hard-boiled egg, fried egg, dried shrimp, fried ikan bilis, and a medley of julienned vegetables such as carrot, yam, and cabbage. The mee siam is also covered by a variety of toppings similar to the lontong, with the addition of croutons that burst with flavours in each crunch.

Check out our interview with the hawkers of 
Jia Xiang!

Unit number: #01-35
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 8pm

4. Bak Kee Teochew Satay Beehoon

Redhill Food Centre - Bak Kee Teochew Satay Beehoon
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Like peanut butter, some satay bee hoon comes with a crunchy peanut gravy, while others boast a creamy consistency. Bak Kee Teochew Satay Beehoon is in the first team, with a chunky, grainy sauce that completely blankets the ingredients and noodles in a sea of orange. The satay bee hoon ($3) comes with taupok slices, pork slivers, pig liver, and cuttlefish. I suggest eating this with a spoon rather than chopsticks to fully savour it to the last drop.

Unit number: #01-40
Opening hours: Thur-Tue 8:30am to 8pm

5. Hua Kee Chicken Rice

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You know the chicken is good when it looks as pretty as the one from Hua Kee Chicken Rice. Glistening and smooth, it is evident that the white chicken has been poached by a skilled chef. The layer of skin is supple and each piece of meat is tender. Get the Chicken Drumstick Rice ($3.50) and drench your rice with the light sauce for an appetising meal.

Unit number: #01-72
Opening hours: Wed & Fri 8:30am to 1:30pm, Sat-Sun 8:30am to 2pm

6. Ru Ji Kitchen

Redhill Food Centre - Ru Ji Kitchen
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There is a rarity of shops making their ingredients in-house from scratch these days, but Ru Ji Kitchen still does their own fishballs. Made from yellow tail fish, these ping pong-sized balls were bouncy, as if throwing one to the ground would cause it to fling right back up. The noodles here are also cooked al dente, pairing well with the springy fishballs. I recommend giving the Mee Pok Fishball Noodle ($3) a try. The dry version includes a savoury bowl of noodles and a separate bowl of broth.

Unit number: #01-25
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 7:30am to 1pm

7. Hock Shun Traditional Home-made Curry

Redhill Food Centre - Curry
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The curry from Hock Shun Traditional Home-made Curry reminds me of the one my domestic helper cooks for us at home. The curry is bright orangey-yellow, and it comes in a claypot filled with chicken and potatoes. The consistency of the gravy is gao enough to make it a good dipping sauce for bread. Get the Chicken Wings With Bread ($4) to share with a group of friends.

Unit number: #01-66
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 9am to 9pm

8. Fei Zai Xiang Roasted Meat / Noodles

Redhill Food Centre - Fei Zai Xiang Roasted Meat Noodles1
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Fei Zai Xiang Roasted Meat / Noodles serves a mean plate of char siew and roasted pork rice. Glazed with a deliciously sweet sauce, the char siew held a slight crunch with its caramelised sides. They are generous with the sauce, turning the plate of white rice, dark brown. The only thing I wished for was more meat on this $3.50 plate of rice.

Unit number: #01-91
Opening hours: Daily 10:30am to 10:30pm

9. Hong Seng Curry Rice

Redhill Food Centre - Hong Seng Curry Rice
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Run by a 27-year-old who took over from his uncle, Hong Seng Curry Rice boasts a menu of 20 different dishes to satisfy your curry rice cravings. Also available at Singapore Management University, Hong Seng offers a value set meal at $4 that gives you a bang for your buck. It comes with six choices of ingredients, allowing you to try out a handful of ingredients at a go.

Unit number: #01-74
Opening hours: Mon-Tue 10am to 8pm, Fri-Sun 10am to 8pm
Tel: 9876 2288

10. Ringo Handmade Fishball Mee Pok

Redhill Food Centre - Ringo Handmade Fishball Mee Pok
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Get a bowl of handmade Fishball Mee Pok ($3) at Ringo Handmade Fishball Mee Pok. These are no ordinary, factory-made fishballs. Each one is bouncy and huge. The broth is clear and slightly peppery, with a savoury flavour I would crave for when I’m feeling under the weather. I recommend getting the dry mee pok. The noodles are drenched in an aromatic shallot and vinegar sauce that complements the light soup.

Unit number: #01-59
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 6am to 11pm

Redhill Food Centre grub that offers a bang for your buck

Even though Redhill Food Centre is just a short five-minute stroll away from Redhill MRT Station, it is pretty unknown unless you’re living in the area. The place is relatively clean too, making it a good spot for quick meals or group outings.

If you’re looking for even cheaper food, check out these cheap cai png under $2.50, or Xian Jin, which offers dishes such as bak kut teh and sliced fish soup at only $2.

Address: 85 Redhill Lane, Singapore 150085
Nearest MRT Stations: Redhill

Featured image adapted from Instagram user @glutamatedimp‘s post.

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