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Don Don Donki Opens Sushi Restaurant In JEM With Wagyu Sushi, Sweet Potato With Ice Cream And More

27th July 2023

Sen Sen Sushi by Don Don Donki opens in JEM 

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Don Don Donki has a special place in the hearts of many Singaporeans, thanks to their huge variety of snacks, bentos, fresh produce—and the list goes on. Here’s a piece of delightful news: the popular Japanese supermarket has launched Sen Sen Sushi in JEM, and the grand opening will take place tomorrow, 28 July 2023

Sen-Sen-Sushi-interior (11)

Located on the third floor of JEM, Sen Sen Sushi boasts a minimalist interior with warm wood accents. The best part is that the spacious restaurant sits up to 134 diners.

It’s also said to be the first restaurant in the country that serves sushi on a high-speed conveyor belt. From our experience dining here, this proved to be true. We were thoroughly impressed by how swift yet smooth the entire process was—the food items arrived at our table faster than most conveyor belt restaurants we’ve dined at!

Sen-Sen-Sushi-Oshi-Sushi (7)

We started on a high note with their Recommend Oshi Sushi ($6.80++), which features Salmon, Shrimp, Conger Eel, and Pickled Mackerel. All four pieces were delectable—we appreciated the combination of the sweet and vinegary milled rice with the freshly seared seafood. Each sushi is hand-pressed, resulting in a compact, rectangular shape. 

Sen-Sen-Sushi-Seared-Wagyu-with-Salt (6)

Other must-tries include their Seared Wagyu with Salt ($5.80++) and Sukiyaki Style Seared Wagyu ($5.80++)

Sen-Sen-Sushi-Sukiyaki-Style-Seared Wagyu (12)

Not to sound dramatic, but their Wagyu was melt-in-the-mouth tender. The salt flakes and sukiyaki glaze made the sushi even more appetising, too. 

Sen-Sen-Sushi-Okinawa-Set (1)

If you want more smoky flavours, we recommend their Okinawa Set ($19.80++). It features Seared Fresh Salmon, Seared Sea Bream, Seared Scallop, Seared Red Shrimp, Seared Flounder Fin, Half-seared Conger Eel, and Seared Tamago

Sen-Sen-Sushi-Japanese-Littleneck-Clam-Miso-Soup (9)

Better yet, this set is accompanied by a Japanese Steamed Egg and a small pot of Japanese Littleneck Clam Miso Soup. You can also get these sides a la carte at $2.80++ each. 

Sen-Sen-Sushi-Seared-Salmon-with-Mentaiko-Mayo (8)

We can’t forget the crowd-favourite sushi item at Don Don Donki: Seared Salmon with Mentaiko Mayo ($3.50). The mentaiko mayo here was slightly heavier in flavour than what you’d get at most Don Don Donki marts, with a slight wasabi aftertaste. 

Sen-Sen-Sushi-sweet-potato-with-vanilla-ice-cream (2)

To end your experience on a sweet note, we highly encourage you to order their Baked Sweet Potato with Vanilla Ice Cream ($5.80++)

Sen-Sen-Sushi-sweet-potato-with-vanilla-ice-cream (3)

This glorious dessert is a combination of Don Don Donki’s famous sweet potato topped with sweet potato mousse, a layer of caramelised sugar, and a scoop of creamy ice cream. The contrast between the cold vanilla ice cream and warm sweet potato made this dessert all the better.

Sen-Sen-Sushi-storefront (4)

Do note that the last orders close at 9:30pm. The doors to Sen Sen Sushi open on 28 July 2023 at 11am, so we’ll see you there! 

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Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-27/29, JEM, Singapore 608549
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Sen Sen Sushi is not a halal-certified eatery.

15 Best Savoury Don Don Donki Snacks To Get, Including Cheese Mochi And Choc-Potato Chips

Photos taken by Casandra Nicholas.
This was a media tasting at Sen Sen Sushi.

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