Sourbombe Bakery Has New Mont Blanc Egg Tart, Prawn Toast Mentaiko Baked Croissant And More
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Sourbombe Bakery Has New Mont Blanc Egg Tart, Prawn Toast Mentaiko Baked Croissant And More

25th March 2022

New viennoiserie box at Sourbombe

sourbombe mix viennoisserie - flatlay

MasterChef 2018 runner-up Genevieve Lee brought us all great joy when she first created her famous sourdough bombolone, and subsequently opened a physical shop centrally located at Dhoby Ghaut. This time around, Sourbombe Bakery has launched a new box set of sourdough viennoiseries, including a Mont Blanc Egg Tart and Prawn Toast Mentaiko Baked Croissant!

This new box of six pastries, called the Mix Viennoisserie Box, is priced at $42. Each of the six is filled with a different house-made filling: there are two sweet ones, three savoury, and one in-between, all of which are said to be inspired by France and Paris, the City of Love.

sourbombe mix viennoisserie - prawn toast mentaiko baked croissant

Korean prawn toast has been trending of late, mentaiko is always a sure winner, and everybody loves a good croissant—the Prawn Toast Mentaiko Baked Croissant puts two, two, and two together into this one nifty bake.

sourbombe mix viennoisserie - prawn toast mentaiko baked croissant cross section

You get a thick layer of house-made prawn paste, spruced up with coriander, shallots, chilli, and sesame seeds, within the airy, laminated sourdough croissant. Then, fresh mentaiko mayonnaise is piped atop, and finished with roasted Aonori and more sesame seeds.

sourbombe mix viennoisserie - jacket potato baked croissant

Another savoury option is the Jacket Potato Baked Croissant, filled with cheese-infused mashed potatoes and caramelised onions.

sourbombe mix viennoisserie - prawn toast mentaiko baked croissant, jacket baked potato croissant

It’s buttered carbs on buttered carbs, but we won’t judge. Crowning this croissant is onion cream, herbs, and slices of pickled onions for an added brightness of flavour.

sourbombe mix viennoisserie - confit salmon and leek tart

Sourbombe Bakery’s idea of breakfast in a bite is embodied in the Confit Leeks and Salmon Tart, reminiscent of a quiche.

sourbombe mix viennoisserie - confit leeks and salmon tart

This hefty pastry comes filled with Comté cheese egg custard, salmon, confit leeks, shallots topped with herbs and slices of heirloom tomatoes.

sourbombe mix viennoisserie - atomic bombe detail

Not quite a sweet bite, and not fully savoury, is the Atomic Bombe. Here, you get an explosion of brown butter-thyme custard within the bomboloni, glazed with dark chocolate. Studded in this glaze are a house-made peanut butter granola, salty pretzels, and crushed potato chips.

sourbombe mix viennoisserie - mont blanc egg tart

This box of viennoiseries also sees their take on an egg tart, albeit made with a sourdough puff pastry base.

sourbombe mix viennoisserie - mont blanc egg tart interaction

The vanilla bean egg custard within is elevated with more vanilla cream on top, as well as coffee caramel and chestnut puree, dusted with gold.

sourbombe mix viennoisserie - matcha ganache mango mousse detail

And finally, the Matcha Ganache and Mango Mousse Bombe encompasses bitter notes from matcha, sweet-tanginess from fresh mango chunks and mousse, and Valrhona passionfruit chocolate, all tied together with nutty pistachio bits.

Place your order for this box of goodies at Sourbombe’s online store. Delivery is charged at $10 a location, or waived for orders greater than $80. If not, you can choose to head to their 9 Penang Road store to pick up your orders.

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Address: 9 Penang Road, #02-03, Singapore 238459
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 9:30am to 5:30pm

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Photos taken by Tanya Tham.
This was a media drop from Sourbombe Bakery.

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