Starbucks Launches New Tropical Drinks And An Impossible Meat Pie
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Starbucks Launches New Tropical Drinks And An Impossible Meat Pie

13th August 2020

New tropical drinks and plant-based options at Starbucks

starbucks new drinks august 2020
Image credit: Starbucks Singapore

Summertime is perpetual in Singapore, so Starbucks’ latest tropical drinks are all the more welcome. These never-seen-before thirst quenchers include the Grapefruit Passion Jewel ($7.80), where grapefruit syrup meets red hibiscus and blue butterfly pea teas, as well as passionfruit pearls to become an Instagram-worthy purple pour. Next up is the Peach Citrus with Mango Jelly Frappuccino ($8.20), which takes their signature ice-blended drink and makes it extra refreshing. Starring sweet mango jelly, grapefruit, peach, and milk, this is everything you need to beat the heat.

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starbucks impossible pie
Image credit: Starbucks Singapore

Chasing the new beverages is an expanded plant-based menu. After the success of the Impossible Rendang Pie, Starbucks brings back everyone’s favourite plant-based meat substitute in their new Impossible Pie ($7.50). Ground burger, gherkins, tomato sauces, and a load of melted cheese come wrapped in shortcrust pastry to create a flaky, buttery parcel that puts calzones to shame. 

Those counting calories can turn to the Impossible Pasta Salad Bowl ($9.50), a wholesome option where fusilli pasta, broccoli, French beans, and other greens come topped with Impossible meatballs.

starbucks coffee mooncake
Image credit: Starbucks Singapore

Starbucks also readies for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival with its mooncake selection. Familiar flavours such as White Lotus Paste and Egg Yolk, Salted Caramel Chocolate and Pandan Lotus Paste join forces with an all-new Coffee with Caramel and Hazelnut. Clad in black, this new snowskin mooncake offers fans another way to get their caffeine fix. Each mooncake cost $5.90, but they are also available in eight-piece gift boxes for $59.90.

Image credit: Starbucks Singapore

The new menu will be available from 12 August 2020, for a limited time only. All drinks and bites are available in stores, or on their Mobile Order platform, as well as Deliveroo, Foodpanda and GrabFood.

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