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Stateland Cafe Is Closing On 31 Dec 2019

5th December 2019

Stateland Cafe is closing down

Stateland Cafe - Storefront
Image credit: @brotherbirdflagship

Singaporeans are attracted to IG-worthy desserts like a magnet. When Stateland Cafe opened their doors at Bali Lane, people flocked to this cafe to snap up their soft serves and waffles. After serving these sweet treats for the past 6.5 years, they will be closing their doors on 31 December 2019.

Stateland Cafe - BrotherBird soft serve
Image credit: @brotherbirdflagship

Stateland Cafe first popped up on our radar with their delectable red velvet waffles. Soon after, BrotherBird nestled at this hipster joint with their signature dessert which featured a swirl of soft serve resting on a mochi doughnut. Their creative ice cream flavours are on a rotational basis and include strawberry basil, mango sticky rice, and Vietnamese coffee.

Stateland Cafe - BrotherBird Milk and Croissants
Image credit: @brotherbirdflagship

The cafe’s unexpected announcement on their Facebook page came as a surprise. Loyal fans of their frozen treats can say their goodbyes and have the last lick during this festive period. 

Although this sudden closure means the end of the BrotherBird’s soft serve, a piece of them still stays with its Milk & Croissants concept. This takeaway kiosk over at CT Hub 2 pushes out freshly-baked mochi croissants with unique fillings.

Stateland Cafe - Rocher Mochi Croissant

The Original Mochi Croissant ($3) gives you a preview of how flaky and chewy their house-made pastries are. Try out other unique fillings with Rocher Mochi Croissant ($5) for some dark chocolate and hazelnut action, and the zesty Lemon Meringue Mochi Croissant ($4).

Stateland Cafe - Lee's Confectionery

For other unique desserts in Singapore, check out Lee’s Confectionery for minimalist tarts, cakes, and more. Their Jiao ($8) was our favourite with its banana sponge that’s injected with compote and mascarpone.

Lee’s Confectionery Review: Minimalist Jurong Cafe With Beautiful Desserts That Can Rival Janice Wong’s

Address: 32A Bali Lane, Singapore 189868
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 12pm to 10pm, Tue 6am to 10pm
Featured image adapted from @brotherbirdflagship.

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