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Get Authentic Penang Char Kway Teow By An Ex-Hotel Chef In Holland Drive

2nd May 2023

Sweet Bistro has legit Penang char kway teow

Singapore has a fair few Malaysian food stalls, offering classic dishes that range from kolo mee to curry chee cheong fun. Adding to the fray is Sweet Bistro, a nondescript stall in the newly renovated Holland Drive Food Centre that sells Penang char kway teow during lunch hours.

Image credit: Minh Nguyen

The stall is best known for selling an array of cakes and snacks, from savoury, traditional Chinese gao to sweet muffins, kueh and more. You’ll often see patrons swing by early in the day to grab breakfast, or a midday snack.

penang char kway teow sweet bistro
Image credit: @gl_live2eat

Come lunch, though, and the stall offers their signature char kway teow, from 11am to 2pm. These are fried by the owner, who has a background working as a chef in acclaimed local hotels. A plate starts at $4, but $5 and $6 portions are also available. 

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For those confused about the difference between Singaporean and Penang char kway teow, here’s the lowdown. Singapore renditions are heavy on the dark sauce and tend to be sweeter. Local hawkers have also mostly moved towards frying their char kway teow in vegetable oil.

Image credit: @tigerkiller

The Malaysian counterpart is often drier and smokier, way more savoury, and fried in lard. While both versions come with fish cake, Taiwanese sausage, beansprouts, eggs, and cockles, you’ll often find whole shrimp in Penang versions.

At Sweet Bistro, the char kway teow is as legit as it gets—almost as if you crossed the Causeway and beyond for your fix. The noodles and ingredients are expertly fried, suffused with wok hei, but not too jelak. The chef also makes their own chilli, a sweet, zesty blend that really gives the dish that extra oomph.

Image credit: @george.kooi

While you’re at Sweet Bistro, be sure to pick up their other freshly made snacks. If you’re a tau sar piah or shao bing fan, this place does a solid rendition of both. Their Nyonya kueh and Western bakes are also worth writing home about, and are not too pricey either.

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Address: 44 Holland Drive, #02-24, Singapore 270044
Opening hours: Daily 7am to 3pm
Sweet Bistro is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Featured image adapted from @gl_live2eat and Minh Nguyen

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