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Get Fatty, Tender Pig Trotters And More At This Famous Braised Duck Eatery In JB

24th June 2022

Kedai Masakan Itik Taika Huat in JB

taika huat - flatlay

We’ve got braised duck aplenty locally, but none like Kedai Masakan Itik Taika Huat in JB, where you get to dig into your meal under a corrugated metal, standalone structure that’s built around the trunks of several large trees.

taika huat - storefront

What started as a streetside stall back in 1973 has flourished ever since, with the trees being as old as Taika Huat. Fun fact: there’s a well on the premises that the founder of Taika Huat dug when he founded the stall, although the water drawn from this well is not used for drinking.

taika huat - braised duck

Start your initiation to Taika Huat’s offerings with Duck Meat (from RM11/~S$3.60), which come deboned and thinly sliced, then drenched in a slightly herbal-tasting gravy.

taika huat - braised duck detail

The tender meat is not braised till soft; rather it retains a bit of bite, contrasted against a layer of fat under the tasty skin.

taika huat - duck wings

If you prefer gnawing on some bony bits whilst you chat, get the Duck Wings (RM3.50/~S$1.20 for four) instead.

taika huat - duck wings detail

They’re chopped into pieces so it’s less unwieldy to eat, and in spite of their bony, lean appearance, the meat here is just as tender.

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Other duck bits you can get here at Taika Huat include Duck Web, or Duck Tongue (RM10/~S$3.20), all of which comes in that same delectable gravy.

taika huat - pig trotter

For some variety, order yourself some Pig Trotter (RM40/~S$12.90 for half) too—you might even find yourself liking this even more than the duck!

taika huat - pig trotter detail

The ooey gooey mess that lands on your table might look slightly unappetising, but you’ll find that the entire trotter is fall-apart tender, with the tendons and gelatinous bits braised to a jelly-like, melting finish. You can even get vacuum-packed ones to bring home, though you’ll have to bring a chiller bag for this.

taika huat - kway teow

With all that gravy, you might want to have a bowl of rice to along with the food, but the Kuehteow (RM2/~S$0.70) is pretty superb too. Not only does it come silkily bathed in the braising liquid, it’s also zhnged-up with shallot oil and more aromatics that render it extra flavourful.

taika huat - ambience

We’ve also scouted out other JB hawker stalls you should check out; otherwise check out Soh Food in Singapore, which serves a rare stewed duck!

Address: MY Johor Skudai Jalan Batu 8½ near Lee Pineapple Factory and SJK Kuo Kuang school Jalan Kilang Nenas, 81300, Malaysia
Opening hours: Daily 8:30am to 4pm
Tel: +60 17-763 2188
Kedai Masakan Itik Taika Huat is not a halal-certified eatery

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Photos taken by Brad Harrison Lee
This was an independent visit by Eatbook.SG 

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