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This Hidden JB Cafe Has Pistachio Mochi Croissant And Creme Brulee Latte

17th April 2024

The Blue Door Coffee House has trendy bakes in Johor Bahru


Green in food may be a nay to some, but green in desserts is usually a yay for many—just think of matcha treats and anything pistachio-flavoured. If you’re like me and appreciate both flavours, take this as your sign to add The Blue Door Coffee House in Johor Bahru Mount Austin to your itinerary when you’re crossing the border.

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The cafe is not the easiest to spot as it’s on the second floor along a row of other eateries, so here’s a tip: keep an eye out for a blue door symbol against a yellow wall.


Let’s start with the desserts: we got the Croissant Pistachio Mochi (RM18/~S$5.10) in a heartbeat as it was a three-in-one of everything my colleague and I liked. And as much as this combination isn’t offbeat, I’ve actually never seen it in Singapore. 


Cut the croissant in half, and you’ll be met with a huge piece of mochi that resembles mozzarella cheese thanks to the soft, thick, and chewy texture. And not forgetting the pistachio cream atop the mochi-filled pastry, which I wished was nuttier than milky and creamy.


We also had the popular Matchamisu (RM22/~S$6.30), which most customers had during our visit.


This matcha tiramisu was delicious—the coffee-soaked ladyfingers and matcha mascarpone cream made a great pairing, and I liked that there was a prominent earthy, slightly bitter flavour to mellow down the sweetness.


For drinks, we tried their pretty Creme Brulee Latte (RM23/~S$6.60) first. This is simply an iced latte topped with a layer of torched foam! It was fun cracking the crispy sugar crust before taking a sip, which boasted a pleasing bittersweet balance of burnt caramel and strong coffee notes.


If the idea of matcha and yuzu together doesn’t repel you, I highly recommend their Matcha Ah Yuzu (RM20/~S$5.70). This was such a refreshing quencher on a sultry afternoon—you taste the sweet and sour flavours of yuzu first, followed by a slightly bitter aftertaste from the green tea. The coffee cookie with pistachio cream served atop the glass cup was also really tasty.


When you enter the cafe, you’ll be greeted by an area with a queen-sized bed in the middle. This is odd for a cafe, but just take it as a comfortable seat to chill at—please don’t lie on the bed, though


Push open a door near the counter, and a spacious dining area with plenty of natural sunlight pouring in from the huge windows awaits you.

For more cafes with pretty and trendy desserts, check out Ukiyo cafe, a hidden French-Japanese cafe with beautiful layered cakes in JB Mount Austin. There’s also Re Patisserie, where we tried loaded pistachio chox and more.

Address: 36A, Jalan Austin Height 7/8, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: Mon-Wed 11am to 10pm, Thurs-Sun 11am to 12am
The Blue Door Coffee House is not a halal-certified eatery but uses no pork or lard.

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Photos taken by Paula Formantes.
This was an independent visit by

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