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The Feather Blade Steakhouse & Seafood Bar Review: Fresh Seafood, Swordfish Sando And More In Joo Chiat

28th November 2023

The Feather Blade opens with new seafood items at East Coast


As they all say: East side is the best side. Following their successful Tanjong Pagar flagship, The Feather Blade has quickly become a go-to for steak enthusiasts. Today, their second outlet opens in the East, with exciting additions to the menu including seafood offerings and more.

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Food at The Feather Blade

This new opening comes with an updated menu featuring seafood dishes, sandwiches, side dishes, unique sauces, and cocktails that are available exclusively at this outlet.


Start with their seafood bar, which boasts both fresh seafood and dry-aged swordfish. Choose from a selection that includes oysters, scallops, shrimp, salmon, and crab.


Oysters are served in pairs, and come in three different flavours: Oyster with Lemon Wedge ($7++), Salsa Taquera ($7.80++), and Ponzu Ikura ($12++). Go during happy hour before 7pm, where you can enjoy them for just $2.50++ with every drink purchase.


Experience a medley of flavours with the Ponzu Ikura, featuring a blend of tanginess, subtle sweetness, and savoury pops of ikura.


We much preferred the oysters with the Salsa Taquera sauce. This comes garnished with pickled onions. The spicy and zesty notes of the salsa, combined with the crisp onions, complemented the brininess of the shellfish well.

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If oysters are not your thing, check out their beautifully plated Scallop Ceviche ($16++). Each plate features six Hokkaido scallops topped with ikura, plated around a savoury shiso lime glaze.


It’s everything one can ask for: the scallops were succulent and plump with a substantial bite, enriched by savoury notes from the ikura.


Alternatively, consider opting for their fresh Shrimps ($18.50++), elegantly served in threes, and paired with their creamy house cocktail sauce.


After being poached and chilled in an ice bath, the shrimps were exceptionally crunchy━a clear indicator of their freshness. While I thoroughly enjoyed it, I do think the price is a little steep for just three shrimps.


Moving on to the mains, we got their signature Feather Blade ($24++) steak grilled with Binchotan at an additional top up of $4++, Swordfish Sando ($32++), and Feather Blade ($28++) bowl.


Our top pick was the Swordfish Sando. This hearty sando features a thick swordfish belly patty glazed with a mildly sweet smoked katsu sauce, sandwiched between slices of fluffy Japanese milk bread. The bread, toasted to perfection, added a delightful crunch that paired well with the tender swordfish patty.


Fans of steak will love the Feather Blade, a 200g steak grilled with binchotan, a type of white charcoal. This method of grilling imparts a unique and clean smoky flavour that tastes slightly sweet, elevating the natural richness of the beef. 


Unfortunately, I was slightly let down by its toughness. However, it’s worth noting that we ordered it in medium and only had it after some time when it had cooled. Perhaps it would have been better if we had opted for medium-rare instead! Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the flavour of the herb butter and the smokiness from the white charcoal.


To complement your steak, have it with one of their house-made sauces! Options include the classic Truffle Mushroom ($3.50++), piquant Wasabi Cream ($2.50++), and two new flavours, Miso Mustard ($2.50++) and Sansho Peppercorn ($3.50++).


A standout for us was the classic Truffle Mushroom, boasting a fragrant truffle aroma and a rich, earthy profile. A close second for me was the Miso Mustard, which offered a blend of savoury notes and a mild yet pleasantly spicy kick that enhanced the flavour of the beef.


If your meal isn’t complete without rice, go for the Feather Blade bowl. This filling bowl features slices of charred beef and tongue, a perfectly runny onsen egg garnished with chilli threads, all served atop a bed of vinegary sushi rice.

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You won’t go wrong with the beef and egg combination. The egg’s creamy yolk imparted a luscious richness that complemented the meaty flavour of the beef.


For something to share, a must-order is The Feather Blade’s Fries ($7.50++), which you can pair with Dill Sour Cream and Ikura Dip for an additional $4++. Alternatively, explore new additions such as Aubergine ($7.50++) and White Corn ($8.50++).


The Fries boasted an irresistibly addictive rich flavour, thanks to being triple-fried in Wagyu beef fat. 


On the other hand, I wasn’t particularly fond of the dip. It was slightly overwhelming with what I thought was too many elements at play━the tartness from the sour cream and briny, savoury notes from the ikura. However, if you enjoy such flavour, this might be right up your alley. Otherwise, like me, you can dip the fries into their other house-made sauces too!


Despite my usual aversion to eggplant, I found their grilled Aubergine surprisingly palatable. 


While not mindblowing, the charred exterior contrasted well with the tender insides, and the miso glaze and feta cheese served as excellent accompaniments. 


I would rather opt for the White Corn instead, which comes sitting in a tarragon cream sauce with smoked paprika oil. I enjoyed the creaminess and sweetness from both the sweet corn and tarragon, without it being overly cloying.


Don’t miss out on their delicious cocktails to complement your meal. We were recommended the refreshing Yuzu Spirtz and the bestselling Kyoho Grape Sangria, both priced at $15++. We enjoyed both drinks, which were great for a casual tipple, and perfect for unwinding after a long day.

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Ambience at The Feather Blade


The Feather Blade is situated along East Coast Road, a 12-minute walk from the soon-to-be-opened Marine Parade MRT Station. Before then, you’ll have to take a 20-minute bus ride from Eunos MRT Station to get here. Along this street, you can also discover well-known cafes such as Cafe Natsu and the newly opened Good Chai People.


This steak, sando, and seafood bar, similar to its counterpart steak and burger outlet, features dim lighting and vibrant neon signs. The addition of greenery further creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

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The verdict

Overall, this East Coast outlet is a great choice for seafood lovers, offering exceptionally fresh seafood, of which I highly recommend trying their Swordfish Sando. Although the beef was a little disappointing, for its value for money, I am open to return to give it another try. It’s a great addition to the Joo Chiat ‘hood for Easties, though!

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Address: 225 East Coast Road, Singapore 428922
Opening hours: Mon 5:30pm to 11pm, Tue-Fri 12pm to 3:30pm, 5:30pm to 11pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am to 11pm
Website | Full list of outlets
The Feather Blade is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Daryl Lim.
This was a media tasting at The Feather Blade.

The Feather Blade Steakhouse & Seafood Bar Review: Fresh Seafood, Swordfish Sando And More In Joo Chiat
  • 7.5/10
    The Feather Blade Steakhouse & Seafood Bar Review: Fresh Seafood, Swordfish Sando And More In Joo Chiat - 7.5/10


– Swordfish Sando has a thick and meaty patty
– Exceptionally fresh seafood
– Great condiments

– Slightly inaccessible location
– Steep prices for certain dishes

Recommended dishes: Swordfish Sando ($32++), Oysters (from $7++), Fries ($7.50++)

Opening hours: Mon 5:30pm to 11pm, Tue-Fri 12pm to 3:30pm, 5:30pm to 11pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am to 11pm

Address: 225 East Coast Road, Singapore 428922

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